Financial services

The UK sits at the heart of the global financial community, offering world-class infrastructure, talent and expertise. This is why international companies choose to start and expand their businesses here.

Technology leader

We’re home to top financial technology (FinTech) companies, pushing financial services boundaries and attracting major global investment.

Financial hub

The UK is a leading financial service centre, with the highest concentration of global financial institutions in the world.

Flexible environment

Our robust but flexible regulations encourage smooth operations and faster growth. We actively help businesses comply with the rules and bring new ideas to market.


Atom bank is combining world-leading financial expertise with innovative technologies like facial recognition.


contributed to the UK economy by FinTech every year


people employed in UK financial services


foreign companies listed on the London Stock Exchange – the 2nd biggest exchange in the world


capital raised through issues and IPOs in 2017


UK banking sector assets in 2017


people employed in the FinTech sector

Talent for start-up and beyond

The world’s best financial services talent is on tap in the UK. Businesses can reduce the cost of moving overseas and confidently recruit staff for the lifetime of their investment.

Fast growth FinTech

We’ve handled some of the largest FinTech IPOs, including Worldpay. Funding Circle, Nutmeg, Monzo and Transferwise picked London as their home – together with 17 of the top 50 FinTech companies and 25% of unicorns.

Islamic and green finance

66 Sukuk issuances on the LSE raised over $50bn – one of the reasons we’re the front runner for western Islamic finance. Our Green Finance Initiative cultivates sustainable finance, with 78 green bonds on the LSE raising in excess of $24.5bn.

Professional services support

Businesses have access to first-class accountancy, legal and professional services expertise across the UK. We’re the 2nd largest legal services market in the world.

The financial frontier

‘London’s financial sector is more receptive to our frontier innovation than any other city. It is much harder elsewhere to generate this kind of resonance with key influencers and talent.’ Winnie Cheung, CEO of Lattice, developers of the world’s first driven portfolio optimiser.

Next steps

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