Creative industries

Creative businesses can thrive in the UK, boosted by our talented workforce, technology partnerships and large-scale growth opportunities. The UK’s creative industries are growing nearly twice as fast as the rest of the economy.


We have a global reputation for creative excellence, including film, TV, advertising, music, design, architecture, video games, animation, publishing, VFX, and the experience economy.


Our high-tech facilities and creative talents are used for the biggest TV and movie productions, including the Star Wars and Fantastic Beasts films, Game of Thrones and The Crown.


Tax relief of up to 25% on up to 80% of development costs for UK game, film animation, high-end TV, children’s TV, theatre, games, orchestra and exhibitions.

Still picture of a warrior from a movie


games companies employing 30,000 people


schools of architecture, 10 in London


Royal College of Art is world number 1 for art and design

QS World University Rankings 2019


spent on UK film production in 2018

Incentives and support

The UK offers attractive incentives and favourable taxation rates for innovators and entrepreneurs in the creative services.

R&D tax credits

R&D tax reliefs support companies, including those in the creative sector, that work on innovative projects in science and technology. They can be claimed by a range of companies that advance their field, and can even be claimed on unsuccessful projects.

Creative tax reliefs

Creative tax reliefs have helped to fuel high levels of film inward investment, which reached £1.6bn in 2018.

Sector deal

The new creative industries Sector Deal will invest more than £150m across the lifecycle of creative businesses, including locations, technologies and future skills.

Cloth Cat Animation

Cloth Cat Animation, a Welsh company, has produced two major Chinese pre-school animation series featuring their character Luo Bao Bei, for Chinese company Magic Mall. The production, made at their Cardiff studio, has been shown on multiple digital platforms in China, on Channel 5 in the UK, and will soon be seen on Netflix.

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