Clean growth

The UK is leading the race to a net zero carbon economy, with cutting-edge technology and revolutionary research. Join in the green revolution by investing and trading with UK industries.

NetZero pioneers

The UK is the first developed economy to legislate for net zero carbon emissions by 2050. We have world-leading capabilities from environmental design, engineering and consultancy services. We’re also pioneering clean growth initiatives and technologies at the heart of the global transition to cleaner transport, such as electric vehicle battery production.

Research and innovation

The UK is dedicated to innovative research and development. We’re home to Europe’s largest centre for advanced materials research and continually increasing our funding in R&D across clean growth sectors.

Creative solutions

The UK is quickly evolving – from the creation of ingenious digital smart packaging to fuel efficient transport systems. The possibilities for innovation are endless with opportunities for investment across all sectors.

Sector Energy

No. 1

for the most offshore wind generated in the world


reduction in emissions whilst growing the economy by 66%


investment to transform the future of civil aerospace


highly skilled green jobs to be created in the UK


invested in the development of cost effective, safe and recyclable battery technologies


of UK shoppers say the environmental impact of packaging affects their purchasing choice.

Clean growth opportunities

The UK is embracing clean growth across many sectors from sustainable energy to greener transport and waste management. We have vast amounts of experience and an abundance of opportunities for trade and investment.

Government support

The Prime Minister has set out his ambitious and innovative Ten Point Plan for a green industrial revolution, the plan will mobilise £12 billion of government investment into clean growth initiatives across the majority of UK industries to benefit international businesses.

Renewable energy

The UK is a world leader in energy decarbonisation with 51.6% of our electricity coming from low carbon sources in 2019. Bioenergy and new capacity in wind, solar and hydro power make us an ideal place for long term investment.

Accelerating green transport

We’re continuing to revolutionise the development of batteries for electric vehicles with The Faraday Battery Challenge. This is a £317.75 million investment to support clean, green transport. The UK is also establishing the roll-out of a fast-charging network alongside additional electric vehicle grants.

Next steps

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