AR and VR

Enter the enticing the world of UK immersive technology. Famed for creative excellence and radical innovation, the UK boasts capabilities in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) beyond our boldest dreams.

Incubating radical innovation

Dedicated government investment in radical experimentation makes for exceptional innovation. With peerless theatrical, technical and creative expertise, UK immersive businesses are creating ground-breaking experiences across industries and borders.

AR and VR for any industry

From smart-cities and engineering to film and TV, gaming and health tech; AR and VR are accelerating faster than ever. The UK immersive industry is especially able to combine capabilities across sectors and disciplines, with a highly skilled specialists at over 1000 immersive UK companies.

Connecting for creativity

The UK Department for International Trade is a dedicated industry partner, constantly building bridges between UK immersive companies and trade and investment parties globally.

Virtual reality


investment by the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund


UK jobs in immersive tech predicted by 2030


The UK is the largest and fastest growing AR and VR market in Europe


predicted to be added to the UK economy by 2030


Audience of the Future challenge fund for creative innovation


Innovation funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council

Fast forward to an immersive future

Immersive technology is set to advance every aspect of our global economy and create millions of jobs with it. In the UK we’re fully embracing the possibilities this offers in every sector of society – from designing cities and infrastructure to how we learn, care, shop, travel and relax.

Life-saving leaps in health-tech

VR and AR technology are proving instrumental in medical innovations. The Ventilator Challenge UK consortium deployed AR to capture the crucial assembly steps needed to rapidly manufacture ventilator systems during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The arts: more live than ever

Creativity takes centre stage in UK immersive tech. Today, virtual events can be better than the real thing, and mixed reality at in-person live events has the power to electrify participants. Theatre productions transport audiences in space and time, and interactive and experiential art that turns museums into futurist fairgrounds.

VR in aerospace takes flight

From training to design, manufacturing and in-flight entertainment: UK immersive trailblazers in VR are advancing every aspect of aerospace industry with partnerships across the globe.

The immersive drive of your life

Self-driving cars are sure to turn us all into passengers soon, and UK real-time spatial experience company REWIND took on a thrill of a challenge from Universal Pictures: to create an immersive driving experience like never before. Immersive experts REWIND worked with German start-up holoride to connect VR content to real-life data points from the vehicle such as steering and braking. This made for a breathtaking Bride of Frankenstein VR experience inside Ford Explorer vehicles at Universal CityWalk in LA.

Next steps

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