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UK agritech strengths

UK agritech strengths

Last updated 09 January 2020


One of the reasons the UK leads the world in agritech is its strength in the core areas of plant science, animal science, precision agriculture and aquaculture.

Our plant science industry, particularly horticultural, arable and bio-energy crop production, is helping growers meet consumer demands by developing new high-yield plants that offer quality and value.

We help produce quality, environmentally-sustainable food for a growing world population through animal science. This includes improvements to the efficiency of livestock production, as well as the welfare and productivity of farm animals.

UK innovation is improving one of the fastest growing areas of agritech - precision technology. It’s already widely used in the UK to improve the efficiency of farm operations, including targeted fertiliser and agrochemical applications.

Aquaculture in Scotland includes farming salmon and other fish species, production of mussels and oysters and harvesting seaweed. Businesses have grown to support the industry, supplying everything from engineering solutions and farm services to fish health and feed solutions.

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