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Opportunity closing date
11 October 2019
Opportunity publication date
09 September 2019
72413000: World wide web (www) site design services
Value of contract
to be confirmed
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The purpose of this package is to develop CNRS Images' existing multimedia platform, the characteristics and scope of the services expected are described more precisely in the Cahier des clauses techniques particulières (CCTP), the conditions of execution are described more precisely in the Cahier des clauses administratives particulières (CCAP) and the CCTP, the prices for each package are mentioned in the contract of engagement of each of the packages and any annexes thereto, etc. The framework agreement is concluded by the CNRS Île-de-France Meudon delegation on behalf of CNRS Images.The contract is a framework agreement entered into pursuant to Articles L. 2125-1 and R. 2162-1 to R. 2162-6 and R. 2121-8 of the French Public Procurement Code, and the services covered by a firm commitment concern: - the functionalities of the front office (Article 3.),- the functionalities of the back office (Article 4.),- the technical part of the solution (Article 5.) for which the holder will specify the modules he intends to use and the formats of the data flows he intends to set up. The technical offer shall describe these proposals on the elements of Article 5. (Technical specifications of the solution), with the exception of hosting, which is the subject of another Lot of the contract,- training: terms, organisation, number of participants/session,- The services covered by any additional commitments are:- interactive map,- newsletter,- specific functionalities of the Wishlists,- filters on keywords in the mosaic of the results page,- series page for film media,- moments/CUE points on the video media sheet,- order management,- order basket.This framework agreement, which sets out all the contractual provisions, is executed as and when purchase orders are issued under the conditions set out in Articles R. 2162.3, R. 2162-13 and R. 2162-14 of the Public Procurement Code. See section VI below for the procedures for withdrawing the consultation file. This lot is for the external hosting of the CNRS Images platform (the development of which is the subject of lot 1). The characteristics and scope of the services expected are described more precisely in the Cahier des clauses techniques particulières (CCTP). The conditions of execution are described more precisely in the cahier des clauses administratives particulières (CCAP) and the CCTP.The prices for each batch are mentioned in the deed of commitment and any annexes thereto (cf. Annex AE batch 2 price schedule) This batch is part of flat-rate services corresponding to one year of hosting the CNRS Images multimedia platform, the commitment will be made by issuing an annual purchase order placed on the basis of the framework agreement, for the entire duration of its validity for batch 2, i. e. 1 year, renewable 3 times for the same period. The maximum duration of this package may not exceed 4 years maximum, the platform will be hosted externally, the estimated start date for the services of package 2 is May 2020, the volume to be stored on the platform is evaluated: as the Opsis video player is efficient, it is not necessary to set up a streaming server on the platform to collect the videos on the Opsis server. The HD photo files requested on order will be sent from the Propixo server, so we will store on the platform:- the BD and MD files of the photos,- the thumbnails and MD still images of the films,- the images published on the Prehome, Home Page, Explore, Registration and Connection pages and in the illustrated blocks (Thematics, Popular Research, favourites....). The final architecture is not known, the requests concern a "comfort" projection which will be specified with the holder of lot 1. The holder of lot 2 will base his proposal on the configurations below.- production2 dedicated server front (4cpu/16goRAM) + load balancer1 high performance extensible Mysql server (8 cpu/61 GB RAM mini) - storage 40 GB Storage 300 GB Preproduction1 dedicated server front (2cpu/8goRAM)1 mysql server (2cpu/15,25GoRAM mini)- storage 40goStorage 100 Go- CompatibilityProd and preprod ISO softs (SSL, versions...)Linux (OS to be defined), Apache (or Ngnix, depending on the choice of the agency) PHP 7 + MySQLThe owner will specify in his answer the following elements:- intervention (configuration/parameter/optimization),- 24/7 technical support (debugging / incident management),- PROD backup (database and files),- monitoring,- SSL certificate management and tracking,- security and updating.Bandwidth: The offer shall indicate in the financial annex to the commitment deed for lot 2 the tariff bands according to consumption.

Opportunity closing date
11 October 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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CNRS-Délégation Île-de-France Ouest et Nord 1 place Aristide Briand Meudon — Bellevue 92195 France

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