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Opportunity closing date
27 September 2021
Opportunity publication date
23 August 2021
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Management of municipal waste from the grounds of the Sobótka commune provided by ZUK "HADLUX" sp. z o.o. Transferred waste includes municipal waste and selectively collected waste. Management is performed in a manner ensuring achievement of appropriate levels of recycling, preparation for re-use and recovery by other methods as well as limitation of biodegradable waste mass transferred for storage in accordance with legal regulations in this scope.
The subject matter of the contract is management of municipal waste from the area of the municipality of Sobótka in the period from the first day of the following month after signing the contract until 31st December 2022. 2. The Contractor is obliged to manage municipal waste from the area of the municipality of Sobótka provided by ZUK "HADLUX" sp. z o.o. of the following fractions: 1) Package I:a) Unsegregated (mixed) municipal waste b) Biodegradable c) Mixed packaging d) Used furnituree) Construction waste 2) Package II a) Used tyres b) Rubble c) Clothing and textiles d) Used medicines e) Inks f) Used batteries and accumulators 3. It is estimated that during the term of the contract the following quantities of waste will be transferred for management: 1) Package I a) Non-segregated (mixed) municipal waste with code 20 03 01, in the estimated amount of approx. 4050 Mg;b) Biodegradable waste code 20 02 01, in the estimated amount of 1125 Mg,c) Mixed packaging code 150106 (15 01 02), in the estimated amount of 540 Mg,d) Used furniture code 20 03 07, in the estimated amount of 293 Mg,e) Construction waste code 17 01 07, in the estimated amount of 14 Mg,2) Package IIg) Waste tires code 16 01 03, 10 Mg,h) Rubble code 17 01 01, estimated at 291 Mg,i) Clothing and textiles code 20 01 11, estimated at 5 Mg,j) Used medicines code 20 01 32, estimated at 1 Mg,k) Paints and inks code 20 01 28, estimated at 2 Mg,l) Discarded batteries and accumulators code 20 01 34, estimated at 0,2 Mg.4A detailed description of the subject matter of the contract is provided in Annex 4 to the SWZ. 5. The Contracting Authority reserves the right to decrease or increase the quantities of waste transferred at the level of 20% in relation to the quantities indicated in item 3 point 1 and 26. The Contractor shall be obliged to reach the level of preparation for re-use and recycling of municipal waste in the amount resulting from Article 3b of the Act on Maintaining Cleanliness and Order in Communes of September 13, 1996 (Journal of Laws 1996, No. 132, item 622, as amended), executory acts and other legal regulations in the scope of determining the recycling level in a given year.7. The Contracting Authority shall require that persons performing the following activities during contract performance be employed under an employment contract by the Contractor or its subcontractor: white-collar workers involved in the performance of this contract (office management), provided that the activities are not performed by the person concerned in the course of his business, shall be performed by persons employed (by the Contractor or its subcontractor) under an employment contract. Names and codes of the contract according to the Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV): 1) code specifying the main subject matter of the contract: waste services2) supplementary codes: waste disposal and treatment waste recycling services waste management services

Opportunity closing date
27 September 2021
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Zakład Usług Komunalnych "Hadlux" Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością ul. Warszawska 4 Sobótka 55-050 Poland

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