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Opportunity closing date
12 July 2019
Opportunity publication date
10 June 2019
98310000: Washing and dry-cleaning services
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to be confirmed
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The scope of laundry services provided by the Contractor shall include in particular: a)- rental of hospital bed linen and operating linen in the quantities specified in Annex No. 1 to the ToR, item 1 paragraph 5 letter "i" - laundry, - starching, - drying, - ironing and mangling, - repair of damaged laundry, - transport of laundry to and from the Customer's premises, - implementation of RFID HF radio identification system or equivalent electronic system of quantitative and generic assortment verification. b) providing laundry service and delivery of assortment within 24 hours with transport. The service is to be performed at least five days a week, from Monday to Friday) The Contractor will collect the dirty assortment from the Customer's dirty laundry warehouse once a day from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on each day of the rendered service) The Contractor will deliver the clean assortment to the clean laundry warehouse on each day of the rendered service once a day from 7:00 a.m. to 9 p.m. The Contractor will deliver the clean assortment to the clean laundry warehouse on each day of the rendered service:00e) The Contractor shall deliver clean assortment in the same quantity as he collected from the laundry warehouse on the previous dayf) in case of breakdown or other random events, to inform the Ordering Party and secure continuity of service by the Subcontractor meeting the above mentioned requirements for hospital laundry at the expense and risk of the Contractor) In case of occurrence of days off work in a given week other than Saturday and Sunday, the parties agree to replace the additional day of service provision with a period of three days in advance to ensure the continuity of the service) in the event of failure to meet the terms of service provided for the collection of dirty and delivery of clean assortment as well as insufficient quality of washed assortment, the Purchaser has the right to lodge a complaint in writing, by fax, e-mail, or in person) The Contractor is obliged to immediately respond to the above mentioned complaint in writing. The application of § 7 (2) and (3j) shall then apply. Weighing and scanning (counting the number of assortment marked with RFID tags) of clean, washed assortment shall take place at the Purchaser's premises in the presence of an authorized employee of the Contractor.k) the quantity of the weighed assortment shall be recorded in the delivery and acceptance report signed by authorized employees of the Ordering Party and the Contractor in order to certify its conformity) The Contractor undertakes to dispose of means of transporting the assortment in trolleys covered or tightly secured with covers, which first carry clean linen, and after unpacking the clean linen, so that the clean linen has no possibility of any contact with the clean linen; After each transport of dirty laundry, the means of transport must be washed and disinfected) the laundry from patients with alarm pathogens, infectious diseases and from patients to whom the insulation has been applied shall be marked by the Customer with the inscription "contaminated laundry" and shall be subjected to appropriate decontamination by the Contractor) due to the requirements applicable in the health service, The Contractor shall be obliged to conduct a microbiological purity control of the washed linen by the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station or an accredited laboratory once a month and provide the Ordering Party with a copy of the results of the tests carried out.

Opportunity closing date
12 July 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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