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Opportunity closing date
15 January 2020
Opportunity publication date
05 December 2019
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to be confirmed
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The subject of the measure according to § 16 SGB II in conjunction with § 32 SGB III is the combination of elements of medical, psychological and socio-pedagogical assessment to determine occupational aptitude, employability and social participation,- development and creation of a work and development plan taking into account health restrictions and pointing out occupational alternatives(The subsequent creation of a comprehensive, interdisciplinary and the special needs of the customer adapted measure roadmap is the task of the project partner and therefore not the content of the call),- according to approx. The results of the above-mentioned elements will be discussed with the actors involved in the overall project (including the participant) within the framework of a case conference. The aim of this combination is the identification, naming and differentiated assessment of psychological, psychological, physical and social conspicuities relevant to mediation. This resulted in the creation of a roadmap of medical, therapeutic and socio-pedagogical measures that would subsequently stabilise and rehabilitate the client in the long term in terms of participation in society as a whole. Furthermore, the results are checked by the individual action process and, if necessary, corrections are made to the action timetable. The assessment serves the holistic assessment of the participant with regard to his medical, psychological and personal status with regard to his overall social participation and employability. The assessment focuses on the determination and promotion of health, on the individual specific approach as well as on the harmony of both areas of life.The medical-professional performance diagnostics (MBL) is divided into 2 parts:- MBL 1: Development of a work and promotion plan,- MBL 2: Review of the determination from MBL 1.the assignment of the participants takes place at a date for the initial assessment to the 1st MBL and ends after the final case conference to the 2nd MBL (see also B.2).The first and follow-up assessment usually takes 2 weeks with a weekly attendance requirement of between 20 and 25 teaching units (1 unit = 45 min.) The average time between the first and follow-up assessment is 9 months. the target group of the performance advertised includes motivated, employable beneficiaries over 18 years of age, for whom an improvement in the medical/psychological situation is to be achieved on the basis of the assessment of the specialists at the Job Center Essen, and an improvement in social participation is to be implemented through socio-educational measures.The duration of the overall funding project is 5 years, the announced measure will take place between 1.4.2020 and 30.9.2024. 250-300 entries in total are planned in module no. 1 (first assessment) for the contract period. In module no. 2 (second evaluation), a total of 175-210 entries are planned for the contract period.

Opportunity closing date
15 January 2020
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Stadt Essen – JobCenter Essen Ruhrallee 175 Essen 45136 Germany

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