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14 August 2019
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03 August 2019
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to be confirmed
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This is a sources sought notice only.  No solicitation is being issued at this time. This notice is issued for the purpose of market research in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 10. Please do not submit price quotations at this time. The issuance of this sources sought notice does not commit The Government to issue a solicitation or ultimately award a contract or purchase order for this requirement. The Government is not liable to pay for or reimburse any companies or entities that respond to this announcement for any costs incurred for preparing responses to this notice.
The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is seeking sources who may potentially have the ability to fulfill a lodging requirement, in Groton, CT. for the below rooms during the period of performance that can meet the below specification. 

Temporary lodging

Period of Performance



Room Nights

6/1/2020 - 7/12/2020




7/13/2020 - 1/24/2021




1/25/2021 - 4/25/2021




Total Estimate




•1.1.      PNS Employee Occupant(s) shall not be required to change unit(s) during the course of their stay unless a physical problem with the occupied unit(s) arises with the property that requires the unit(s) to be vacant so it may be repaired.
•1.2.      All properties shall have safe and secure premises, with unit access limited only to authorized key holders.
•1.3.      Properties shall be geographically located within twenty-five (25) miles of Subbase New London (NLON), Groton, CT.
•1.4.      General Room Specifications
•1.4.1.    Minimum living area size is four hundred (400) square feet
•    Living area that shall be included in the minimum square footage specified       under Item 3.4.1 is defined as all living area other than balconies, and closets. 
•    Living area shall include a separate bedroom with a door and/or loft for privacy.
•1.4.2.    Notification to the occupant shall be made a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours prior to building maintenance entering the unit.
•    Vendor shall respond within twenty-four (24) hours to address any issues and forty-eight (48) hours to fix any issues.        
•    Property shall provide a twenty-four (24) hour emergency contact number for after-hours issues.
•    Properties must be well maintained and in sanitary condition.
•1.4.3.    Units must be in a sanitary condition.
•    Free of odors
•    Free of dirt, debris, mold, and/or mildew
•                  Free of pests (including but not limited to rodent(s), insect(s), bird(s), or evidence of rodent(s), insect(s), bird(s), or pest waste
•1.4.4.    All walls, floors, countertops and ceilings shall be damage-free (minor cracks and scratches are acceptable), small holes greater than 1" shall be repaired. Peeling and/or cracked floors shall be addressed on a case-by-case basis.
•1.4.5.    All units shall be capable of being independently heated and cooled.
•    Heating and Air Conditioning: Heat and A/C shall be available throughout the entire living area. If HVAC is not provided throughout, Air Conditioning Units (A/C) (8000 BTU minimum each) shall be made available within forty-eight (48) hours upon request by the occupant and shall cover the living area and any living space separated by a door. All A/C units shall be properly installed in accordance with manufacturer's installation instructions.
•1.4.6.    All units shall have a closet, with minimum of sixteen (16) hangers.
•1.4.7.    Properties shall not be exposed to excessive noise (such as air traffic, highways, hospitals, police/fire stations, schools, and/or industrial/construction sites).
•    Units shall not be located in close proximity of industrial/construction sites, or other areas producing excessive noise levels that could cause disruption in sleep.
•1.4.8.    Units shall meet all state & county codes, having properly installed electrical outlets in proper working condition to include proper spacing.
•1.4.9.    Entry door shall be gap-free, and shall be equipped with a properly-installed dead bolt which shall be fastened securely to the wall/door frame.
•1.4.10. All windows shall be equipped with security locks in proper working condition.
•1.4.11. A current fire inspection certificate shall be posted in accordance with PL-101-391 (or latest revision).
• Properties shall be equipped with hard-wired, single-station smoke detectors in each room in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 74.
• Properties shall be equipped with an automatic sprinkler system installed in accordance with NFPA Standard 13 or 13-R, except that properties that are three stories or lower are exempt from this requirement.
•1.4.12. Unit upgrades shall only be available on a temporary basis, in the event of overbooking.
•1.4.13. Check-in time shall be available no later than 11:00 a.m., EST.
• Twenty-four (24) hour check-in shall be available if requested by the government a minimum of one (1) day in advance.
•1.4.14. Unit occupancy shall not exceed more than one (1) PNS employee per unit.
•1.5.      Minimum Furniture Requirements:
•1.5.1.    One (1) lounge chair
•1.5.2.    One (1) sofa / couch
•1.5.3.    One (1) dining table with four (4) dining chairs
•1.5.4.    One (1) coffee table
•1.5.5.    One (1) entertainment center or wall mount for TV
•1.5.6.    One (1) overhead light and/or Two (2) lamps per room
•1.5.7.    Two (2) end tables
•1.6.      Minimum Bedroom Requirements:
•1.6.1.    One (1) Queen sized bed (60" x 80"), to include headboard and mattress set
•    Two (2) standard-size pillows with two (2) standard-size pillow cases
•    Two (2) complete sets of queen size sheets
•    Two (2) blankets              
•    One (1) bed comforter
•1.6.2.    One (1) full dressers
•    Full dresser size shall be defined as: 60" w x 20" d x 48"h 
•1.6.3.    One (1) alarm clock radio
•1.6.4.    Two (2) night stands
•1.6.5.    One (1) overhead light and/or Two (2) lamps per room
•1.7.      Minimum Bathroom Requirements:
•1.7.1.    All units shall have at least one (1) private bathroom.
•    One (1) shower equipped with one (1) anti-slip floor mat
•    Shower shall be equipped with door(s) or shower curtain w/ liner.
•    One (1) sink (free of hazards, and in proper working condition)
•    One (1) toilet (in proper working condition)
•    One (1) overhead exhaust fan (in proper working condition)
•    One (1) mirror or vanity with lights
•    One (1) shelf, or counter space, for toiletries
•    A minimum of one (1) properly installed electrical outlet in sink area (in proper working condition).
•    One (1) brand new toilet plunger, unless prohibited for sanitary reasons, or by state and local law
•    One (1) 7 gal min. waste basket
• Towels to be provided:
• Two (2) bath towels
• One (1) bath mat
• Two (2) hand towels
• Two (2) wash cloths
• At the request of occupant, extra set(s) shall be provided
•1.8.      Minimum Kitchen Requirements:
•1.8.1.    Units shall be equipped with a separate kitchen area.
•    One (1) microwave oven (1.4 cu. ft. minimum)                              
•    One (1) toaster
•    One (1) 12 cup coffee maker
•    One (1) two-door refrigerator
•    16 cubic feet (or larger) capacity
•    Separate freezer compartment
•    If no ice maker in the freezer must include an ice tray
•    One (1) stove, with self-cleaning oven, with a minimum of four (4) burners
•    One (1) dishwasher
•    Minimum Cooking Utensils:
•    One (1) eight-piece cookware set to include:                       
•    1.5 qt. sauce pan w/lid
•    2 qt. saucepan w/lid
•    5 qt. pot w/lid
•    8.5" non-stick fry pan/skillet
•    12' non-stick fry pan/skillet
•    Twenty (20) Piece Kitchen Utensils Set (Or Greater) to include:
•    Peeler
•    Can Opener
•    Nylon Turner
•    Nylon Slotted Spoon
•    Two Spatulas
•    Set of Four (4) Measuring Cups
•    Pizza Cutter
•    Whisk
•    Nylon Spoon
• Nylon Ladle
• Set of Two (2) Mixing Spoons
• Set of Four (4) Measuring Spoons
•    Two (2) 4 qt. or larger mixing bowls   
•    Three (3) piece glass food storage set
•    One (1) 11" x 14" cutting board
•    One (1) large 5 qt. colander  
•    One (1) 12-piece kitchen knife/cutlery set
•    One (1) 11" X 17" baking sheet
•    Minimum Tableware:
•    Four (4) dinner plates
•    Four (4) salad plates
•    Four (4) soup bowls
•    Four (4) coffee mugs
•    Four (4) 16oz. beverage glasses
•    Four (4) flatware sets (knives, forks, spoons) with cutlery tray
•    Two (2) dish towels
•    Two (2) pot holders
•    One (1) sponge
•    Kitchen must be equipped with one (1) sink (separate from Item
• Kitchen must be equipped with one (1) 13 gal. min trash can.
•1.8.2.    All kitchen items shall be fully-functioning, and in proper working condition.
•1.9.      Minimum Appliances
•1.9.1.    Television and Cable Requirements:
•    One (1) television (nominally-sized 46" or larger) in living room
•    One (1) remote control to each television
•    Free mid-level/2nd cable/satellite service (as defined by the local cable/satellite service provider)
•    Television shall be securely mounted to a wall, or displayed safely and securely upon a TV stand.
•1.9.2.    One (1) iron and one (1) ironing board
•1.9.3.    Either one (1) full sized clothes washing machine and one (1) full sized dryer in unit, or on-site washers and dryers with access limited only to authorized key holders.
•1.10.   Minimum Housekeeping / Cleaning Services
•1.10.1. Properties shall be responsible for ensuring that all units are cleaned and well maintained. Minimum services shall include:
• One (1) time weekly housekeeping services
• One (1) time weekly dusting of furniture and horizontal surfaces
• One (1) time weekly mopping and/or vacuuming of floor surfaces
• Shampooing of carpeted floors to include both prior to arrival and upon each change of occupancy.
• One (1) time weekly Bathroom cleaning:
• Shower (entire bathtub and surround)
• Toilet
• Bathroom sink
• Bathroom vanity/shelves/countertops
• One (1) time weekly kitchen cleaning:
• Kitchen appliances
• Kitchen countertops
• Kitchen sink
• One (1) time weekly trash removal
• Linen service to be performed one (1) time weekly, and upon each change of occupancy.
• Clean towels shall be provided/replaced one (1) time weekly (to be brought with cleaning crew, not to be cleaned on site).
•1.10.2. Minimum Cleaning Supplies Requirements:
• One (1) mop and one (1) bucket
• One (1) upright vacuum cleaner with rotating brush
• One (1) broom
• One (1) dust pan and brush
• Trash bags (minimum 25 small and 25 large to fit the specified trash cans)
•1.10.3. Upon check-in, the following shall be provided:
• Two (2) rolls of toilet paper
• Two (2) rolls of paper towels
• One (1) hand soap (8 oz. min.) in the bathroom
• One (1) dish soap (15 oz. min.)
• Two (2) sets of keys
•1.11.   Minimum Amenities
•1.11.1. Properties shall have free, safe and secure, adequately lit on-site parking in sufficient quantities to accommodate the occupant and adequate overflow parking.
•1.11.2. Properties shall have free high speed (50 mbps or greater) internet access
• Properties shall have plug-in capabilities and provide Wi-Fi access.
• Wi-Fi access shall be password encrypted to ensure private connection(s).       
•1.11.3. Properties shall be located with-in a four (4) mile radius of a grocery store and a full service restaurant. 
•1.11.4. Properties shall have daily mail service.
•1.11.5. Properties shall have twenty-four (24) hour telephone service with an answering system/service. 
•1.11.6. PNS occupants shall be afforded access to all property facilities and accommodations provided to commercial guests.
Capable vendors are encouraged to submit the following information to Christopher Dooley via email (Chrsitopher.w.Dooley@navy.mil) or fax (207-994-0374) by the notice close date and time:
Company Name:
Point of Contact:
Phone Number:
CAGE Code:
If your firm meets The Small Business Size Standard for NAICS Code 721110 of 32.5 million dollars annually.
Are you a property owner or property management company?
Can you provide exactly what is needed in the specifications? If not, how will it differ from what is  requested?
What is adequate lead-time after contract award to secure the properties needed?
Provide references of past similar contracts
Please email your responses to the attention of Christopher Dooley at Christopher.w.Dooley@navy.mil no later than 12:00 Noon ET on Wednesday August 14, 2019. All responses shall be limited to 10 pages or less. Pricing information should NOT be submitted at this time.

Primary Point of Contact.: Christopher Dooley                                        
Phone: 207-994-0374, E-mail: Christopher.w.Dooley@navy.mil

Opportunity closing date
14 August 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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