United States - TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER OPPORTUNITY: Silicon Carbide (SiC) Fiber-Reinforced SiC Matrix (LEW-TOPS-25)

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Opportunity closing date
10 April 2020
Opportunity publication date
12 April 2019
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to be confirmed
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NASA's Technology Transfer Program solicits inquiries from companies interested in obtaining license rights to commercialize, manufacture and market the following technology.  License rights may be issued on an exclusive or nonexclusive basis and may include specific fields of use.  NASA provides no funding in conjunction with these potential licenses.

Innovators at NASA's Glenn Research Center have conducted leading-edge research toward the development of silicon carbide (SiC) fibers and SiC/SiC ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) that can be used in high-temperature structural applications, such as hot components in gas turbine engines.  Glenn has gained recognition for the innovative design and processing technologies required for these materials.  NASA's patented SiC/SiC CMC technologies use the advantages of non-oxide SiC fibers and matrices to yield ceramic composites that can withstand adverse structural and environmental conditions for long times at temperatures up to 2700°F.  The CMC properties offer significant benefits in comparison to other options, including metallic superalloys, monolithic ceramics, carbon fiber composites, and oxide/oxide ceramic composites. These composites are also invaluable in their ability to be engineered for specific stress, temperature, life, and environmental conditions.

To express interest in this opportunity, please submit a license application through NASA's Automated Technology Licensing Application System (ATLAS) by visiting https://technology.nasa.gov/apply/license/LEW-TOPS-25

If you have any questions, please contact NASA Glenn's Technology Transfer Office at grc-techtransfer@mail.nasa.gov with the title of this Technology Transfer Opportunity as listed in this FBO notice and your preferred contact information.  For more information about licensing other NASA-developed technologies, please visit the NASA Technology Transfer Portal at https://technology.nasa.gov/

These responses are provided to members of NASA's Technology Transfer Program for the purpose of promoting public awareness of NASA-developed technology products, and conducting preliminary market research to determine public interest in and potential for future licensing opportunities.  No follow-on procurement is expected to result from responses to this Notice.

Opportunity closing date
10 April 2020
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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