United States - SSMD-2mm Solid State Media Disintegrator

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16 August 2019
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09 August 2019
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Added: Aug 08, 2019 1:11 pm

To be compliant with DoD and the CBP, HQ CBP OI needs to purchase a solid state media disintegrator. In order to sanitize the HQ CBP OI's solid state media, the disintegrator must be able to turn the media into a 2mm particle size, per the NSA's regulation.

SSMD-2mm® Solid State Media Disintegrator is the ONLY disintegrator that provides all of the following in one unit.  The following Salient Characteristics are firm requirements and MUST be met:
•·         Device must be listed in the National Security Agency (NSA) Evaluated Products List-Solid State Media Disintegrators (EPL-SS). 
•·         Disintegrator must be evaluated and approved by the National Security Agency for the physical destruction of solid state media, such as memory cards, thumb drives, circuit cards in solid state drives and solid state enterprise drives, internal components in cell phones and tablets, as well as optical media, such as CDs and DVDs to 2mm particle size.
•·         Device must accept media up to 0.9 inch by 8.5 inches.
•·         Device must be simple, automatic push-button operation.
•·         Device must have an internal brain to sense overload and momentarily reverse automatically to clear and prevent jams.
•·         Device must have an automatic bin-full sensor.
•·         Device must have Life-Extend® destruction blades, grinders and screens that must be easily reused, adjusted and replaced.
•·         Device acoustics must be less than 85 dB.
•·         Device must use a self-contained, 3-phase air filtration system consisting of pre, carbon and HEPA filters.
•·         Device's MAIN power switch must be able to accept a lock for Lockout/Tagout in the OFF position.
•·         Device must have a footprint no greater than 27.5 inches x 43 inches with a height no taller than 49 inches for space considerations.
•·         Device must not weight more than 1,200 lbs.
•·         Device must have castor wheels.
Device must be 200-240V, 1 phase, 50/60 Hz, 6A.

Opportunity closing date
16 August 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Department of Homeland Security MISSION SUPPORT CTR DIV United States

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