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Opportunity closing date
17 February 2020
Opportunity publication date
07 January 2020
44115500: Sprinkler systems
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to be confirmed
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Listed rough dimensions which were determined for the implementation of the project: Dismantling:- 150 pieces dismantling of sprinkler heads,- 550 m dismantling of sprinkler pipelines DN 20 to DN 150,- 20 dismantling of fittings,also dismantling of NAV valves- 120 pieces drains / residual drains,- 5 pieces dismantling of sprinkler systems in operating rooms,sprinkler pipelines in levels E05 to EU4- 350 pieces sprinkler heads,- 1400 m sprinkler pipelines DN 20 to DN 150,- 3 pieces of NAV valves 3 pieces,- 8 pieces of flow monitors for shafts,- 5 pieces of zone valves for retail areas,- 5 areas Retrofit compressed sprinklers in several sub-areas,- 1 piece of new sprinkler installation in technical centre.Fire brigade accessories:- 5 pieces hydrants on platforms,- 2 pieces fire brigade supply points in E01,- 2 pieces fire brigade transfer stations on roof E04,- With the connecting pipelines in the outside area,- Water mist extinguishing system, consisting of,- 400 m line pipes DN 100 - DN 50,- 160 pieces water mist nozzles,- 2 TAV with distribution line with TAV,- 1 control centre with manual release.-- Interim construction measures due to construction site phasing,-- Conversions after construction of zone areas,-- Mounting in ventilation shafts / risers during operation.

Opportunity closing date
17 February 2020
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Fraport AG Gebäude 700, Raum 2124/2136 Frankfurt am Main 60547 Germany

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