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Opportunity closing date
10 December 2019
Opportunity publication date
05 November 2019
45100000: Site preparation work
Value of contract
to be confirmed
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The subject of the contract is "Extension of the "Krystyna" Spa Hospital to optimize the therapeutic and therapeutic process in cardiovascular diseases". The scope of the task includes in particular the following works: The subject of the contract includes the following works:1) superstructure of building No. 1 ("Management Board building") by 2 storeys;2) superstructure of building No. 2 ("Cardiology") by 1 storey;3) transfer of the cardiology ward to the top 2 storeys together with the intensive cardiology care room with medical and social facilities;4) adaptation of the existing storeys to standard residence rooms together with the necessary facilities;5) adaptation of the basement storey rooms in the eastern part for the needs of the library with a reading room and the rest of the rooms on the basement storey for storage rooms, technical parts of the building and cleaning facilities of the spa hospital;6) insulation of external walls;7) renovation of the elevation together with unification of the external appearance of the complex, referring to the buildings of "Nowa Krystyna" and the building of the Management Board of Busko-Zdrój Health Resort;8) replacement of the floor on the ground together with insulation;9) introduction of sanitary, cleaning and medical rooms on each floor, including patient rooms;10) renovation of a part of the existing patient rooms;11) installation of bumpers with brackets in all corridors of the renovated and superstructured part of the facility;12) superstructure of elevator shafts and replacement of the existing elevators;13) extension of a part of building No. 1 by balconies;14) reconstruction in the scope of modernization of the body and elevation of the building;15) medical gas pipeline systems, i.e. the medical gas pipeline system:a) oxygen installation; b) vacuum installation; c) compressed air installation with a pressure of 0.5 MPa for medical purposes; 16) supply sources of medical gas installations, i.e:a) construction of oxygen expansion room; b) construction of medical air compressor station; c) construction of vacuum pump station; 17) system of clinical alarms of medical gases; 18) comprehensive construction of cold water, hot water and circulation system in buildings No. 1 and 2 and replacement of transit pipes to Villa Zielona and the rehabilitation building; 19) hydrophore set for household and fire-fighting purposes.;20) comprehensive execution of hydrant water system;21) comprehensive transfer of solar system to the roof of the superstructured storeys, ensuring its further functioning;22) comprehensive execution of rainwater sewage system;23) comprehensive execution of sanitary sewage system;24) comprehensive execution of central heating system.;25) comprehensive execution of mechanical ventilation system;26) comprehensive execution of air conditioning system;27) comprehensive execution of electrical installation of building no. 1 and building no. 2:(a) building power supply (b) building main switchboard (c) emergency switchboard (RA1) (d) fire switches (e) internal electrical installations (f) low-current installations (g) fire alarm system (SSP) (h) stairwell smoke removal system (ODD) (i) structural cabling system;j) installation of summoning system;k) installation of local distribution points, wi-fi;l) telephone installation;m) installation of RTV antenna - SAT;28) comprehensive disassembly of disconnected systems;29) disassembly and disposal of existing elements of white assembly;30) disassembly of devices located on the facade of the renovated buildings together with their delivery to the place indicated by the Ordering Party;31) disassembly of the existing air conditioning units on the building and inside the renovated part of the facility together with their delivery to the place indicated by the Ordering Party;32) execution of roof covering on the superstructured buildings;33) delivery and installation of the facility equipment;34) delivery and installation of numbers and markings of rooms mounted on doors (about 175 door pieces), the numbering system to be agreed with the user;35) reinforcement of foundations.

Opportunity closing date
10 December 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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„Uzdrowisko Busko-Zdrój” Spółka Akcyjna ul. Gen. F. Rzewuskiego 1 Busko-Zdrój 28-100 Poland

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