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Opportunity closing date
09 December 2021
Opportunity publication date
10 November 2021
90000000: Se
Value of contract
to be confirmed
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The subject matter of the contract is:Task no. 1: "Collecting, transporting and managing municipal waste from the owners of properties, where the residents reside in the area of the city of Hajnówka "CPV:;;; 90.CPV:;;;; Task no. 2 "Collecting and handling municipal waste accepted at the Selective Municipal Waste Collection Point in Hajnówka".CPV:;;;;
Collection, transport and management of municipal waste collected in a selective manner from the owners of real estate on which residents live, in single-family and multi-family housing, divided into fractions 1) paper- paper waste including cardboard, paper packaging waste and cardboard packaging waste,2) metals and plastics- metal waste including metal packaging waste, plastic waste including plastic packaging waste and multi-material packaging waste,3) glass- glass waste, 4) biodegradable waste (bio-waste), 5) ash, slag, 6) bulky waste, household equipment and worn out electric and electronic appliances, which cannot be collected in typical waste containers or bags due to their size.2Collecting, transporting and disposing of non-segregated (mixed) municipal waste from the owners of residential properties (single-family and multi-family dwellings); 3. Equipping residential properties with devices (containers, buckets and bags) for selective collection of municipal waste; 4. Equipping residential properties with devices (containers, buckets) for collecting non-segregated (mixed) municipal waste; 5. Washing and disinfecting the containers and receptacles for waste collection in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Environment of 11 January 2013 on detailed requirements for municipal waste collection from property owners, but not less than three times a year, in the months of March-April, June-July and September-October.6Contractor is obliged to collect waste collected in containers, owned by property owners and in containers /containers, owned by property managers, if they are adapted to mechanical unloading and meet the requirements set out in the Regulations of maintaining cleanliness and order in the city of Hajnówka and are in proper technical condition. Collecting, transporting and disposing of municipal waste accepted at the Municipal Waste Selective Collection Point in Hajnówka.

Opportunity closing date
09 December 2021
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Gmina Miejska Hajnówka ul. Aleksego Zina 1 Hajnówka 17-200 Poland

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