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12 July 2019
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14 June 2019
71300000: Engineering services
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In the Hessian State Archives, the existing CO2 extinguishing system is replaced by a new N2 extinguishing system. The existing CO2 extinguishing system has been shut down since the 1st quarter of 2017 and the extinguishing gas has already been disposed of. The entire existing extinguishing system, including the pipe network and storage tank, is to be dismantled and the new system will be operated using extinguishing agent cylinder batteries. The pipe network connected to this will be rebuilt. The quantity of extinguishing agent and the pipe dimensions must be checked with regard to the tightness of the archives and adjusted if necessary. Remedial measures such as the re-sealing of the doors are part of the architect's planning work. 7 existing exhaust air chimneys with connected fans, windows opening with a new pneumatic drive and newly manufactured external wall openings provide the necessary pressure equalisation. An alarm system is set up for personal protection. The cabling must be carried out in accordance with MLAR and VdS.In the phase of familiarisation with the construction project, the solution approach of the pre-planned pressure relief systems has to be checked for simpler feasibility, and a conceptual elaboration of possible more economical alternatives for extinguishing systems is required. HOAI, whereby plant groups 3 and 8 are only to be seen in connection with the work on plant group 7. The specialist planners for technical equipment, electrical engineering and renewal of building automation in the entire building have already been selected. The involvement of engineering offices in the field of building physics planning is carried out in a separate procedure. Special requirements of the building task and special planning services: According to the available planning, the archive material will not be outsourced. For this reason, the renovation work in the archive rooms must be carried out in sections during ongoing operations. The archive material must be protected separately for this purpose. Measures must be taken to monitor climatic conditions and prevent damage to archival material. In particular, DIN ISO 11799 Requirements for the Storage of Archival and Library Materials and DIN 67700 Construction of Libraries and Archives - Requirements and Recommendations for Planning must be observed and applied. In order to avoid damage to archival material due to excessively long climatic changes, the construction work must be very well coordinated and the construction times minimised as far as possible by means of economic process planning. The specialist planners are expected to cooperate with other specialist planners (e.g. electrical engineering, building automation, ventilation technology, fire protection, systems engineering, building physics), the architect and the specialist departments of the LBIH in all phases of the work.

Opportunity closing date
12 July 2019
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Landesbetrieb Bau und Immobilien Hessen, Niederlassung Mitte Zentrale Vergabe Dieselstraße 1-7 Bad Nauheim 61231 Germany

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