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Opportunity closing date
16 August 2021
Opportunity publication date
21 July 2021
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to be confirmed
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On the basis of ground lease contracts still to be concluded, the client will construct three new school buildings as well as two- and three-field sports halls including outdoor and sports facilities on land owned by the city of Ludwigsfelde. At one of the locations, the construction of a three-field competition gymnasium with stands for 500 spectators and catering/supply area is planned. 2 of the 3 schools together with sports halls and ancillary facilities are to be completed by mid-2024. The land intended for this is already owned by the city of Ludwigsfelde. The third school including sports hall and ancillary facilities is to be completed by mid-2025. At the time of the tender, the land in question is not yet owned by the city. In addition, the necessary legal planning requirements for this location still have to be met. For this reason, the award of the general planning services for this third location is optional and is not initially part of the contract awarded here. However, the client reserves the right to commission the future contractor for this location on the basis of the general planning contract to be concluded. Due to the tight time frame, the personnel situation at the client and for reasons of economic efficiency, the client has decided to award the necessary planning services to a general planner in order to be able to achieve the highest possible savings potential in the planning phase in this way. The client's aim is to build schools that are as identical as possible at the 3 planned locations. The same applies to the two- or three-field sports halls to be planned for school and mass sports at the locations 2. a) and 2. c).A feasibility study has been prepared on behalf of the city of Ludwigsfelde. If required, the feasibility study can be made available to the offices interested in the contract.The client assumes that the office which prepared the feasibility study will participate in the award procedure.
Estimated investment volume:According to the information available to the contracting authority, an investment volume of approx. EUR 85 million is assumed for the 3 school locations for the construction of the planned buildings and external and ancillary facilities, including planning costs.Planning requirements:The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the State of Brandenburg (MBJS) issued a new space programme recommendation for schools in August 2019. The planning must be based on these space programme recommendations. In particular, the VHG concept (reliable half-day primary school) should also be taken into account in the planning.The primary schools must not only meet the requirements of school. The primary schools do not only have to meet the requirements of schools, but should also continue to provide integrative care for pupils after the end of lessons in accordance with the requirements of the Kita-Gesetz (day-care centre law). As a further potential use, it must be taken into account that after the end of school and after the end of the afternoon activities, the building can also be opened for offers from clubs and social institutions.For the basic utilization (school and childcare), the school buildings must offer space for 21 primary school classes and thus for approx. 550 pupils. The client assumes that up to 360 children can still be cared for in the building after school hours. From the client's point of view, a clever spatial concept is required that allows modern pedagogical approaches and also a broad dual use of rooms for the school as well as for childcare. The spatial concept and the pedagogical concept for the integrated all-day offers of school and day care will be worked out in the further planning process and coordinated with each other in coordination with the city of Ludwigsfelde.A clear structure of the school buildings is expected, with an easily recognizable central area, which enables an intuitive development of the school. The clear structure should help to minimise so-called "dead" rooms and areas in order to maximise the actual usable area in comparison to the total area.In addition to an optimal area design, a school building should in particular provide answers to the issues of noise, lighting and ventilation. The building should be structured and planned in such a way that it offers good conditions in terms of light, air and noise (L3) from the outset. This is accompanied by the requirement to limit the technical building equipment in these areas to a good average.When planning the schools, the Corona pandemic and its lessons for a school building must also be evaluated and taken into account.Following the current dynamics in the field of digitalization, the new school buildings should be very well equipped. In addition to a high-speed connection of at least 1 GigaByte and data sockets in all rooms, the new school buildings should also be equipped with a powerful WLAN network throughout the building. The classrooms are also to be equipped with digital displays. The exact requirements for the IT infrastructure are to be worked out in the further planning process in cooperation with the school management and the school authority. The following can serve as a basis for this:- Alliance for Education: The digital checklist for the implementation of school infrastructure, version 2.0 (November 2020),- DigitalAgentur Brandenburg: Orientation guide for basic IT equipment at schools in the state of Brandenburg.Statements on the aforementioned points are expected in the concepts to be submitted by the bidders in the bidding phase. In addition, statements are expected on how possible savings potentials can be achieved in construction and operation, in particular in the preliminary planning as well as in the design planning. In addition, the concept must describe how the client's goal of building identical schools, if possible, can be achieved in order to be able to achieve the highest possible savings potentials in the planning phase, but also in the construction execution phase.Timetable:Based on a planned award of contract at the end of September/beginning of October 2021, the future contractor is to start immediately with the planning for the schools at the locations 2. a) and 2. b) as well as the sports halls, outdoor sports facilities and other outdoor facilities. The aim is to complete the design planning by the end of 2021. The necessary building permits are to be obtained by mid-2022 so that the realization of the projects can be completed by mid-2024. The planning of the school and the planned sports hall and all ancillary facilities for site 2. c) is to begin after the acquisition of the land by the city of Ludwigsfelde and the creation of the legal building planning requirements. At the present time, it is assumed that this will probably be the case at the beginning of 2022.

Opportunity closing date
16 August 2021
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Wohnungsgesellschaft Ludwigsfelde mbH „Märkische Heimat“ Potsdamer Straße 35-43 Ludwigsfelde 14974 Germany

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