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06 December 2021
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08 November 2021
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The subject of this contract are services of the service profile object planning buildings according to §§ 33 et seq. of the HOAI for the new construction of the day care centre Oberelbert. The scope of services commissioned is, in accordance with the more detailed provisions of the draft contract, the provision of planning services of service phases 1 to 9, which are to be assigned to the service profile object planning of buildings (§ 34 Para. 3, 4 HOAI in conjunction with Annex 10 No. 10.1 to § 34 Para. 4 HOAI).
a) Task: The local community of Oberelbert intends to build a new day-care centre on the site of the local tennis courts in order to cover the demand for kindergarten places. For the construction one of the two tennis courts is to be given up, so that on the approx. 2,287 m² large area space is available for the new day-care centre and the outside play area.For the building project no development plan exists yet. This will be adapted to the requirements of the design.b) Planning requirements:The developer has set a number of requirements for the design, which result on the one hand from the demand planning, and on the other hand from previous experience in the construction and operation of the existing facilities.aa) Spatial programme A day care centre is to be designed for 2 groups for Ü2 children and one group for U2 children. A total of up to 75 children are to be accommodated. The floor plan should be designed in such a way that the kindergarten can easily be extended by an additional group room (approx. 50m²) with an adjoining room (approx. 15m²) and a bedroom (approx. 20m²) and, if necessary, a sanitary Functional aspects:Discussions with the management of various kindergartens have resulted in the following suggestions, which are considered helpful and sometimes indispensable from a functional point of view:- the U2 area (group and adjoining room, sleeping/resting room, sanitary area) should be designed to be self-contained or to lie together spatially. When designing the rest and sleeping rooms, it must be taken into account that a sufficient number of children's beds must be provided (including a sufficient distance between the beds for staff to walk through) - The outdoor area should be directly accessible from each group room - In addition, a room as a dirt and temperature lock (boot room) between the corridor and the outdoor area would be helpful - A separate room for cleaning materials, a separate room for cleaning materials, possibly combined with the technical room, seems sensible- the planning of the kitchen should be geared to the fresh preparation of the menus on site- a wider corridor for cloakrooms, benches and as a passageway is sensible- the specifications for barrier-free construction are to be complied with for the building (DIN 18024 and DIN 18040).DIN 18040) cc) Technical aspects: The operation of the existing kindergartens has shown that the following technical aspects make economic sense and should be taken into account. The costs of these points are to be included in the cost calculation:- the floor plan is to be designed in such a way that the equipment with a ventilation system is possible. In order to save building height and thus costs, the air distribution can be carried out with visible ventilation ducts.- Underfloor heating has proven itself for heat distribution.- Large window and door elements should be used for the ventilation system. large window and door elements should be planned as aluminium windows, smaller ones can be planned as plastic windows- for the group and ancillary rooms, floors made of industrial parquet have proven themselves with regard to durability, playability and maintenance- for the group and ancillary rooms, sound absorption measures should be planned that guarantee reasonable room acoustics- for darkening the rest and sleeping rooms, completely darkening roller blinds should be planned (no blinds)c) Services to be provided:The following documents are to be submitted by the selected architectural offices:- Explanatory report on the plan concept and idea and the essential materials envisaged- Floor plans on a scale of 1:100- The essential building dimensions are to be stated- Furnishings and open space design are to be shown to a reasonable extent- Views on a scale of 1:100- At least one section on a scale of 1:100- Cost estimate in accordance with DIN 276 - 1st level (incl. furnishings and exterior). The client will provide the following documents:- Description of the planning specifications- Table with the room program- Site plan) Fee offer For the architectural services, a fee offer for the service phases 1 - 6 and 8 - 9 is to be submitted. The services of the object planning of the building must be rendered on the current state of the art. The commissioned scope of services is, in accordance with the more detailed provisions of the draft contract, the inclusion of planning services of the service phases 1 to 9, which are to be assigned to the service profile object planning buildings (§ 34 Para. 3 HOAI in connection with Annex 10 No. 10.1 HOAI).The commissioning of the object planning takes place uniformly in service levels. Initially, only the basic services of service phases 1 to 4 are commissioned. The client may commission the subsequent basic services of service phases 5 to 9 - in whole or in part - in one or more further service levels by written declaration to the contractor. A legal claim of the contractor to be commissioned with further services beyond the scope of services commissioned according to the draft contract does not exist.The awarding authority, in view of the case law (OLG Munich, decision of 13.03.2017 - Verg 15/16), considers the individual required planning services due to a functional connection as "services of the same kind" i.Due to the fact that the relevant threshold value is reached/exceeded, the contracting authority conducts an EU-wide award procedure when adding up all estimated contract volumes.The contracting authority sets the following requirements with regard to the timing of the construction process:- The execution of the contract is to be commenced immediately after the end of the award procedure. The contracting authority is expected to complete service phase 7 in coordination with the contractor by 31.01.2023. (Completion of all planning services with the exception of service phase 8 object supervision - construction supervision and documentation);- Execution of the required construction services is to be started no later than 01.03.2023 (start of construction);- The measure is to be completed no later than 31.07.2024 (end of construction).

Opportunity closing date
06 December 2021
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