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Opportunity closing date
07 July 2020
Opportunity publication date
09 June 2020
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In order to ensure security of supply at the Lobeda site, the switchgear and transformer station in the new technical centre (NTZ) will have to be upgraded. In addition, the University Hospital of Jena intends to build a CHP unit at this location for the simultaneous generation of electricity and heat for the UK of Jena. The corresponding planning services are the subject of the tendering procedure.
Retrofitting of NTZ switchgear/transformers:The existing NTZ is to be retrofitted as follows to supply the A5 and F3 buildings (Cetramed):- The existing transformers (3 with 630 kVA each) will be replaced by 4 with 1,000 kVA each;- 3 transformers can be installed in the existing transformer rooms. The supply lines (MSSA, NSHV) are to be adapted;- Extension of the MS switchgear by 1 MS bay for an additional 4 transformers;- General maintenance and a new control system are to be planned for the existing NEA (2 units with 1 000 kVA each). A connection for a mobile unit is to be provided for maintenance purposes;- The NSHV-AV is to be replaced and redesigned according to the requirements in order to adapt the current-carrying capacity of the busbars to the new values and to ensure the short-circuit resistance of the switchgear;- It is assumed that the NSHV-SV will be maintained. The SV-AV coupling circuit breakers in the NSHV-SV are to be replaced;- Planning load management for island operation of CHP units on NSHV-AV with simultaneous emergency power operation of the safety power supply network (NSHV-SV);- Verification and calculation of the network protection parameters in accordance with the specifications of the power supply company and the standards for power generation systems with network feed-in.Erection of a CHP unit 1 500 kWel in the NTZ/component 6160:- In the existing component 6160.00.010 / NTZ the installation of a CHP unit with a capacity of 1 500 kWel is planned. The room formerly housed a technical control centre with FW house connection station and drinking water house connection for the "old KIM" building, which has been demolished in the meantime;- The electricity/district heating media are present in component 6160, the gas medium must be brought in;- The exhaust system must be routed via the roof of the neighbouring building A5;- A BImSch approval procedure is required for this CHP unit, which is carried out separately, outside of this planning service;- According to the current status, an application for approval according to § 15 BImSchG is required for the approval, if the CHP unit is installed instead of the HW boiler.If the CHP unit is to be installed in addition to the existing plant, it must be checked whether, with a hardware interlock on the producer side and thus without increasing the FOA, an application in accordance with § 15 is sufficient, or whether an application in accordance with § 16 BImSchG must then be made.

Opportunity closing date
07 July 2020
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Universitätsklinikum Jena Paul-Schneider-Str. 2 Jena 07747 Germany

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