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06 December 2021
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08 November 2021
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see II.2.4
For years the province of East Flanders has been investing in the construction of cycling highways, BFF and LFF. The focus is on new routes; this may as well include improving existing cycling routes and converting roads into fully-fledged cycling streets. By acting as a central purchasing body, the Province of East Flanders wants to offer its municipalities and other local partners on the territory of East Flanders the possibility to subscribe autonomously as ordering entity to this framework contract so that they can contribute independently to the realization of a high-quality network of cycling routes. In addition to drawing up the design documents, the assignment also includes drawing up the compulsory documents (Start Memorandum and Project Memorandum, or Unique Accountability Memorandum) within the mobility procedure and adapting them at the request of the client with a view to achieving support and consensus for the chosen design and obtaining subsidies. The memorandum is drawn up in accordance with the project methodology as described in the Decision of the Flemish Government on determining the further rules regarding the organisational framework, the financing and the cooperation for the mobility policy of 25 January 2013 and the Decision of the Flemish Government on determining the further rules regarding the project methodology and the project steering group in the framework of the basic accessibility of 14 October 2019. Templates with a proposal for content are provided by the contracting authority on an indicative basis. In principle, each bicycle infrastructure project goes through the phases listed below regardless of the size of the project:1) Initiative phase2) Research phase3) Design phase 4) Procedural phase 5) Implementation phase 6) Use and evaluation phase.Given that certain tasks may run across different phases, cannot be unambiguously assigned to a particular phase, creep in at a certain point, and/or specialization (usually provided by third parties) is required, or better kept in one hand, the inventory is expanded with 2 supporting phases: 7) Specific tasks8) Communication.By way of example. In some cases, a survey can be useful before drawing up a feasibility study; in other cases, it can only be useful after the preliminary project has been drawn up. Small structures are calculated directly by the manufacturer from whom (parts of) the structure are purchased. These do not require an additional, specialised stability study by the engineering office. Typical examples are retaining walls, tubes, cylinders, prefab pits, end walls, precast walls, bridges, etc. A brief specification and verification by the contracting entity is sufficient to give approval for the (part of the) structure to be delivered (loads, concrete cover, steel and concrete quality, reinforcement inspection). The ordering entity itself shall decide whether it wishes to use these specifications for this purpose. Specialised engineers are required to carry out the stability calculations and specific expertise is needed. The execution of such structures is also subject to a control agency. Only the earthworks, carcass and electromechanics of the structure are covered by items 9 and 10. 9) Design of large structures 10) Supervision of the execution of large structures separate from the other infrastructure 11) ...(see contract documents)

Opportunity closing date
06 December 2021
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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