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12 July 2019
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07 June 2019
55524000: School catering services
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Supply of raw materials and preparation of meals with a "fresh-warm" link in adequately equipped cooking centres with the potential of structures and equipment compatible with the daily production required, even if carried out in conjunction with services for other bodies;Provision of other catering support services to be carried out with staff of the contractor (transport, delivery, pick-up and distribution of meals, preparation of dining rooms, ordinary cleaning of tables and chairs for each distribution shift, restocking of dishes and ordinary and extraordinary cleaning of the kitchen, management of the recovery of surplus food and the remaining waste related to the service, promotion of educational activities and consistent dissemination) or subcontractors for subcontractors;Supply of dishes, placemats and napkins made of paper to the individual schools and of the equipment necessary to maintain food at a temperature, for distribution and for re-adjustment: dishwashers, sinks, tables, refrigerators, cupboards, containers for dishes, etc. as better described in Annexes 1-A and 1-B to the Special Tender Specifications. Organization and implementation of the service of preparation, transport and delivery of meals in kindergartens located in the Municipality of Reggio Emilia Supply of food products for municipal and state nurseries and kindergartens located in the Municipality of Reggio Emilia The supply includes the transport and delivery of all food necessary for the preparation of meals for children and staff working in nurseries and schools. Service of production, packaging and transport to the home of meals for the elderly, disabled, fragile and / or diagnosed so that the meal is a necessary project for maintenance at home, residents of the Municipality of Reggio EmiliaThe service provides for the delivery of meals directly to the home of users, throughout the city, including the fractions. The users of the service will be determined and indicated by the Territorial Social Service Poles according to the modalities described in the special tender specifications.The service, in summary, includes:- coordination and overall organisation of the service in accordance with the specifications; - procurement, storage and quality control of the foodstuffs necessary for the creation of the menu and any personalised diets; - preparation and management of the meal reservation service for users; - preparation of meals at the cooking centre owned/available to the successful tenderer;- the transport and delivery of meals to the homes of the users indicated by the Local Social Service Centres; - the cleaning and sanitising, according to the cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting plan drawn up by the winning company, of the cooking centre, of the other premises used (warehouses, toilets, changing rooms, etc.).), materials, equipment, vehicles and anything else used; - the supply of all the material necessary to ensure compliance with health and hygiene standards; - the separate collection of waste resulting from the processing of food and its disposal in accordance with the procedures laid down by municipal regulations; - the provision and use of a management system with advanced performance in terms of processing and summary of data on meals delivered and users served;- the use of the municipal management system for the insertion and transmission of data relating to the meals delivered daily and to the users served and/or the monthly sending of computer paths compatible with the municipal system in order to allow the exchange of management data; - direct invoicing to users of the service provided according to the rates established for each user by the Territorial Social Service Poles in compliance with what is established annually by the Municipal Council in a special resolution called "Tariffs Handbook of Municipal Services".

Opportunity closing date
12 July 2019
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Comune di Reggio nell'Emilia — Servizio Officina Educativa Via Guido da Castello 12 Reggio nell'Emilia 42121 Italy

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