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11 November 2019
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29 October 2019
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This is a Request for Information (RFI). This RFI is not a request for proposals; therefore, responses to this notice will not be considered offers and cannot be accepted by the Federal Government to form a contract. Parties that respond to this RFI are advised that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) will not pay for any information or administrative costs incurred in response to this RFI; all cost associated with responding to this RFI will be solely at the submitting party's expense.


The NRC seeks information to determine the commercial availability and technical capabilities of qualified and responsible sources that are currently capable of providing solutions for the potential requirements described in this RFI. The information that NRC gathers from this RFI and related market research is for planning purposes only and may be used to assist the NRC in planning an acquisition strategy if a new acquisition is deemed appropriate by NRC.
The NRC is conducting market research to identify potentially available commercial solutions that it may procure in the future to replace a customized License Fee Billing (LFB) module of the agency's core financial system with an up-to-date automated fee billing solution that includes at minimum the following functionality, but not limited to:
• Perform timely fee calculations to meet requirements for the NRC to bill licensees under 10 CFR Part 170 (Part 170)* and 10 CFR Part 171 (Part 171)** by using real-time fee billing data uploads with the following current NRC interface systems to the agency's core financial system:
o Cost Activity Code System (CACS) -An on-premise, internally hosted customized web-based solution that maintains NRC employee task assignments, cost activity code (CAC) attributes, enterprise project IDs (EPID)s and labor cost strings. These data elements are used in the Human Resource Management System (HRMS).
o Enterprise Data Management System (EDMS) - An on-premise, internally hosted commercial off-the shelf data management solution that maintains Part 170/171 information for Power Reactor, Non-Power Reactor, New Reactor licensees, Facilities & Materials and Storage & Transportation licensee information.
o HRMS - An internally hosted Oracle PeopleSoft solution that maintains NRC employee time & labor (T&L) data. HRMS is provided with the accepted labor cost strings and data elements from CACS and EDMS. The T&L data in HRMS is used to calculate Part 170 fees.
o Web Based Licensing system (WBL) - An external hosted customized web-based solution in FedRAMP Azure cloud environment that maintains Facilities & Materials and Storage & Transportation license modification requirements, sealed source and device (SS&D) license data and information for general licenses, which are interfaced to EDMS
• Automatically process and accumulate costs for contractor payment incurred for services provided to identifiable licensees and applicants.
• Automatically process adjustments for time charged to fee billing activities that are submitted from HRMS.
• Provide the ability to track all NRC validation responses to ensure that the Part 170 fee billing data is accurate prior to invoice generation.
• Generate all fee billing reports, typically in MS Excel, MS Word and/or pdf format.
• Generate printed invoices for mailing.
• Automatically send electronic invoice data to eBilling.
o eBilling is an externally hosted FedRAMP Platform as a Solution (PaaS) public facing web-based application for use by the NRC's Licensees to retrieve their invoices online.
• Automatically calculate and apply discount annual fee rates for qualified licensees.
• Automatically calculate and apply prorated annual fee amounts for new and terminated licenses.
• Automatically process all collection transactions from the NRC's designated collection institute.
• Automate the account receivable transactions into the General Ledger module of the Financial Accounting and Integrated Management Information System (FAIMIS).
o FAIMIS is the agency's core financial system.
o FAIMIS is the official repository for agency's financial records and is used to produce official agency financial reports.
o FAIMIS is based upon CGI Momentum® Enterprise Resource Planning commercial off-the shelf suite.
o FAIMIS is hosted on a FedRAMP Microsoft Azure Government Cloud.
*10 CFR PART 170 Fees for Services (Part 170)
LICENSES AND OTHER REGULATORY SERVICES UNDER THE ATOMIC ENERGY ACT OF 1954, as amended," is the NRC regulation that implements the Independent Offices Appropriation Act of 1952 (IOAA). The fees under PART 170 are assessed for both the Reactor and Materials Programs. Part 170 fees may be charged as either 1) Full Cost Fees or 2) Flat Application Fees.
Full cost fees are determined by the professional staff time spent to identifiable licensees or applicants including contractual support services. The full cost fees for professional staff time is computed based on the actual hours spent and the established professional hourly rate at the time the service was provided (note that hourly rate changes each year based on the published Fee Rule). The flat application fees are charges provided in the Part 170 Fee Rule for new licenses. This fee is to cover the review and inspection time required by the NRC to determine if a new license will be issued. Part 170 invoices are generated on a quarterly basis.
**10 CFR 171 Annual Fees (Part 171)
LICENSES AND MATERIALS LICENSES, INCLUDING HOLDERS OF CERTIFICATES OF COMPLIANCE, REGISTRATIONS, AND QUALITY ASSURANCE PROGRAM APPROVALS AND GOVERNMENT AGENCIES LICENSED BY THE NRC" is the fee regulation that implements the Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1990 (OBRA-90), as amended. The annual fees assessed to NRC licensees under 10 CFR Part 171 recover the remainder of the budgeted costs subject to fee recovery that are not assessed under 10 CFR Part 170. The annual fees are established in two sections of 10 CFR 171 of the NRC's regulations. They are 10 CFR 171.15 for reactor licenses and 10 CFR 171.16 for material licenses. Part 171 annual fees less than $100K are generated for licensees on the anniversary month of the original license issue date or the license renewal date. Part 171 annual fees that are greater than $100K are generated on a quarterly basis. The NRC reevaluates its annual fees every year in accordance with annual fee calculation methodology.


To submit a response to this RFI, please do so by e-mail to Heriberto Colon, heriberto.colon@nrc.gov, with a courtesy copy to Joseph Widdup, joseph.widdup@nrc.gov by the response date and time specified in this notice. Responses should be submitted in a format that is readable in Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel and/or Adobe.pdf format and include responses to the questions listed below.
In order for NRC to learn about current marketplace offerings and capabilities, the NRC requests that each response include the following, at a minimum. Please correlate the response to the question number.
1. Business Information -
i. Unique Entity Identifier (e.g., DUNS number)
ii. Organization name
iii. Organization address
iv. Type of organization with respect to NAICS 541519 (i.e., other than small business, small business, 8(a), woman owned small business, service-disabled veteran-owned small business, veteran-owned small business, HUBZone small business, etc. Please also provide that same information with respect to NAICS 423430 and for NAICS 511210. See FAR Subpart 2.101, Definitions, for definition of various types of business entities.
v. Organization Point of contact, phone and email address for the response to this sources sought notice
vi. The Organization's own GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contract Number (if applicable)
vii. Point of contact, phone and email address of individuals who can verify the capabilities/experience identified in the responses.
2. Does your organization currently sell application solutions, which align with the minimum functionality requirements provided above in the Background section? If so, please provide a complete description of the solution and related support that your company sells and indicate whether the solution (a) is available for purchase on an open market basis and (b) whether the solution is available for purchase on one or more GSA Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contracts and/or Government-wide Acquisition Contract(s) (GWAC) (specify the contract numbers). Please also include commercial pricing information.

3. If yes to item 2. above, please indicate whether your organization currently -sells that solution to any Federal Government agencies in a manner that also meets the following criteria:
• Solution is FedRAMP authorized at a moderate impact level or Managed third party provision services (SaaS) supports an overall security categorization of moderate impact level
• Solution may be hosted off premises
• Solution has capability to access Azure Cloud via a secured connection, FIPS 140-2 validated encryption
4. Does your company have experience as a prime contractor in providing services to integrate a solution described in items 2 and 3 above with CGI Momentum®-based core financial system? If yes, please describe that experience in detail and provide a list of contracts by contract number, dollar value, scope, timeframe that it took to implement the solution and customer name and contact information for those contracts.

5. Has your organization developed training materials and conducted training courses in conjunction with the implementation of an integrated solution described in items 2 and 3 above? If yes, please explain the training products and services provided.

Opportunity closing date
11 November 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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