Poland - Repair and maintenance services of automobiles

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Opportunity closing date
13 December 2019
Opportunity publication date
02 December 2019
50112000: Repair and maintenance services of cars
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to be confirmed
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The detailed description of the subject of the order is included in the Price Forms with lists of cars separately for each part, constituting Appendix No. 1 to the ToR. The cars will be inspected and serviced in service and repair points, which will provide inspections and maintenance activities in a manner not causing loss of warranty of the manufacturer or importer of a given brand, located within 100 km from the city where the headquarters of the GM or RZGW is located, respectively, for a given part.Service and repair stations will be equipped with service stations, computer diagnostics stations, stations for analysing the geometry of the rear and front axles, stations for diagnosing and repairing air-conditioning systems, and a list of all service stations where the Ordering Party will be able to service and maintain cars, confirming that the locations and equipment required by the Ordering Party have been met, the Contractor will present them in an annex to the offer - specimen constitutes attachment No. 1a to the ToR.1Within the scope of the subject matter of the order, the Ordering Party orders in particular: 1) periodic inspections in accordance with the guarantor's instructions within the scope and time limits specified in the schedule in the vehicle handbook, 2) current and periodic maintenance, 3) replenishment of consumables, 4) delivery and installation of accessories.2All activities will be carried out in accordance with the following rules: 1) inspection and maintenance will be carried out at the request of the Customer, 2) The Contractor of the service is obliged to agree with the Customer, at the time of acceptance of the car for inspection and maintenance, the scope of work and the approximate price for the service, 3) The Customer requires maintenance and diagnostics using diagnostic computers in the so-called Pass Thru mode (i.e. allowing to connect to the car manufacturer's servers and download the necessary service documentation and software).4) It is allowed to install consumables after regeneration or used - only after agreement with the Ordering Party,5)  The Contractor, after service / diagnostics, at the moment of delivery of the car, is obliged to present the representative of the Ordering Party, a detailed list (list) of works performed,6)  The Contractor is obliged to present copies of relevant documents of purchase of consumables, 7) Service activities should be confirmed not only by an entry in the service book, but also by a detailed invoice or invoice indicating the cars they refer to, as well as a list of performed works and used components. The scope of the inspection must be consistent with or exceed the requirements of the car manufacturer.8)The prices of consumables, fluids and accessories cannot be higher than the retail prices of the Contractor's suppliers.3 The services mentioned above should be provided in accordance with the following conditions: 1)should ensure constant (continuous) maintenance of vehicles in full working order for the duration of the contract,2)if during the performance of the service there is a need to perform activities beyond the agreed scope, the Contractor is obliged to agree it with the Customer, before its performance,3)for the performance of the subject of the order (within the scope of maintenance activities) the Contractor grants the Contractor grants the contract (within the scope of the maintenance activities). 12 mc guarantee, from the date of service receipt,4)the term of service performance cannot be longer than 7 working days, from the date of service commissioning,5)for damages resulting from improper performance of the aforementioned services is the responsibility of the Contractor.5 The specification used in the specification of the subject of the contract by indicating trademarks, patents or origin, source or a particular process that characterizes the products or services provided by a specific Contractor is to specify the subject of the contract, should be understood as exemplary and considered together with the word "or equivalent" provided that they guarantee the achievement of technical parameters not worse than those assumed in the above documents

Opportunity closing date
13 December 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Państwowe Gospodarstwo Wodne Wody Polskie ul. Grzybowska 80/82, 00-844 Warszawa - Regionalny Zarząd Gospodarki Wodnej w Warszawie, ul. Zarzecze 13B, 03-194 Warszawa ul. Grzybowska 80/82 Warszawa 00-844 Poland

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