France - Rehabilitation of degraded buildings

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Opportunity closing date
27 September 2021
Opportunity publication date
27 August 2021
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to be confirmed
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tf,Roofs and frames of the south arm instrumentation, site installations restoration of roofs, frames and upper masonry of the south arm removal of external scaffolding To1covers, frames and upper masonry of the crossing and nave, vaults of the south arm of the transept, crossing and nave, removal of shoring of the south arm a.restoration of the vaults and removal of the shoring of the south arm b.restoration of the roofs and frames of the crossing and the nave c.restoration of the vaults of the nave and crossing removal of the interior and exterior scaffolding, transition of the site installations, scaffolding of the north arm, assembly of the exterior scaffolding of the north arm To2roofing, frameworks, high masonry, vaults and removal of the propping of the north arm a.restoration of the roofs and frameworks of the north arm b.restoration of the vaults and removal of the propping of the north arm To3removal of the propping of the north side and restoration of the floors
two agents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the duration of the work, a prevention and security agent (PSA), surveillance and security of the site, visual control of access to the storage area from a gatehouse equipped with a biometric control by fingerprint recognition, surveillance rounds outside of site hours, management of anti-intrusion alarms on the scaffolding An agent in charge more specifically of the fire safety of the cathedral, he will have to be trained fire safety service and assistance to people (ssiap), holding of the register of the fire permits, report of the ssi central, thermal cameras for the interventions and the rounds of surveillance, installations of building site and base life, protection of the works, fence and palisade, elevator, umbrella, lifting and staircase,external and internal scaffolding, protection nets, anti-climbing harrow, protection tunnel, 24/7 watchman, storage room and lead decontamination zone, crypt shoring, thermoformed, decorative, thermo-welded anti-dust tarpaulin, access footbridge on American beams, removal of furniture and works of art, intermediate work platforms (risers) for work on vaults - masonry work, cut stone:removal of ashlar in conservation, demolition, identical to the existing, size facings molded and plain, patina, repointing, dowels, grafts, restoration of bricks, floors, diaphragm walls, double arches, formets, remaillage cracks, whitewash, injection grout, removal and removal of interior and exterior props, hangers, micro-gumming.ssi (all sections):drilling of vault loins, external scaffolding, transport of lead tables deposited by lot 4, restoration of lead tables, transport to workshop for recasting, laboratory analysis of samples, sorting of tables, casting on 4mm sand, dimensions in width to be adapted, manufacture of new 3mm SMH laminated lead tables, daily inspection by thermal telescope at the end of the day, dismantling of lead roofing, dismantling and supply of lead roofing, slate (nave, restoration by dent removal, repair soldering, healing of tears, straightening, passivation and anti-corrosion treatment of old lugs, lead cladding (3mm thick) of the corridors and lantern, 3-piece lead ridge, ventilation trusses, engraved right bank, lead valley, resumption of ep evacuations and portions of dep, supply and installation of copper-coated hatches. Lead tables: 20% preserved and restored, 80% melted work of frame:removal, reinstallation in conservation, demolition, supply and installation of elements with single and double notches, rekeying, restoration of wooden plugs, two wooden vaults, panelling, squirrel cage, tie rods and anchors, supply and installation of fittings, inspection walkway, bell tower access stairs,restoration of the lantern frame in situ, fungicide and insecticide treatment of existing wood, revision and repainting of specific wooden elements.Ssi (tf,to1):creation of a fireman's lock cf 2h of 4m2, a frame on the high lantern, fireman's lock cf2h, the floor cf2h of the crossing and the nave on glued laminated structure, a lining cf2h, 3 partitions cf2h on metal structure,of doors cf2h, of encoffrement cf2h of the engine of the bells, of a soffit cf sculpture of new stone epannelée (vernon big link), guard body, pinacles, elements not indexed in research, analysis. Prohibited tools: all mechanical tools. Recommended tools: cutting, gouge, chisels, shavings, consolidation and sculptures of elements of the south and north facades of the transept (pediment, rose, capitals, gable hooks, etc.), lichenicidal and algaecidal cleaning, preconosolidation of epidermis, micro-abrasion, compresses, inlays, gluing, patching and various, reassembling, doweling, grouting and patina, waterproofing, Cfo/Cfa work:Replacement of the general metering panel, replacement of the T.G.B.T, main and secondary low-voltage pipes, divisional panel, emergency stop firemen's lock, lighting installations in the roof, equipment of driving force and specialized, technical alarm center:Central Ssi, telephone transmitter, table of report reception bungalow vigile, centralized aspiration system type Vesda, Camera smoke detection, optical smoke detector, programming and testing, constitution of the file Ssi, linear optical detector, fire protection of the astronomical clock by system enslaved tarpaulin firebreak 2 hours on metal frame, works of system of fog D'Eau:Supply, installation, connection and commissioning in accordance with technical instructions, installation prior to the construction site for monitoring the "natural" behaviour of the shoring - instrumentation (convergencemeters) of the shoring to be removed - self-supporting gondola for installation of the equipment and withdrawal - installation of 19 extensometers on the gondola (with tracks for load distribution), which will be made available for a period of 4 years - instrumentation by extensometers - supply and installation of a global wireless data acquisition centre with temperature sensor, in the crypt, with an alarm system - reports

Opportunity closing date
27 September 2021
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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ministere de la culture 1-3 rue du Lombard CS 80016 Lille Cedex F 59041 France

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