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Opportunity closing date
23 September 2021
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27 August 2021
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1 As a result of the procedure in question a framework agreement for 2 years will be concluded with Economic Operators under which executory contracts will be concluded between the Contracting Authority and the Economic Operator selected to be a party to the agreement pursuant to art. 311 item 1 point 2 letter b) of the PPL Act and according to the procedure specified in the framework agreement, i.e. by requesting tenders, in the case where not all conditions for provision of services or not all conditions for selection of Economic Operators being a party to the framework agreement are stipulated in the framework agreement.2The Contracting Authority shall conclude the framework agreement with maximum 10 Economic Operators, who meet the terms of participation in the proceedings and their tenders shall not be subject to rejection pursuant to art. 226 item 1 of the PPL Act and shall be ranked among top 10 most advantageous tenders.
The subject matter of the contract is conclusion of a framework agreement under which the Economic Operator will provide the Contracting Authority with printing services of book publications (hereinafter jointly: "Prints", and each separately: "Prints") related to the Contracting Authority's activities, on the basis of written orders, according to its current needs and in compliance with this Terms of Reference (hereinafter: "SWZ"), principles of printing art, contemporary technical knowledge and binding standards and regulations: 1) printing services for the Prints; 2) related services which, depending on the type of Print concerned, may include: - Printing together with raw material; - binding of Prints (sewing, gluing and other binding processes); making arrangements concerning the subject matter of the contract by means of electronic communication, possibly in person at the Ordering Party's registered office. 3) delivery of the Prints to the Ordering Party's registered office, with obligatory notification no later than 2 days prior to the planned delivery.2. The subject of the contract is printing services for book publications published by the State Publishing Institute during 24 months of the framework agreement, in particular for the publishing series described in Annex No. 8 to the SWZ (Terms of Reference).3. Execution contracts will be awarded to the Economic Operator selected to execute the execution contract pursuant to art. 314 item 1 point 1 of the PPL Act, i.e. before awarding each contract the Contracting Authority shall invite in writing to submit tenders from contractors capable of performing a specific contract, the Contracting Authority shall fix the deadline for submission of tenders taking into account the complexity of the subject matter of the contract and the time necessary for preparation and submission of tenders with respect to each contract, tenders shall be submitted in writing, using means of electronic communication within not more than 5 days, the Contracting Authority shall award the contract to the contractor who submitted the most advantageous tender based on tender evaluation criteria specified in the invitation to tender for the framework agreement. Confirmation of the contract award will be a signed notice of selection of the most advantageous tender to execute the framework contract. The Contracting Authority allows orders to be placed through a dedicated IT portal provided and managed by the Contractor.5 The rules for awarding partial/implementation contracts and their performance are described in detail in Appendix No. 7 Specimen contract.NOTE!1 The Contracting Authority reserves the obligation for the Contractor to personally perform the key part of the contract in the form of printing and binding services.2 .Due to the nature of the printing and binding service the Contracting Authority does not agree that the above service can be performed by a subcontractor, due to the type of service and the need to demonstrate the appropriate technical facilities and equipment allocated to carry out the contract, including having the necessary knowledge to provide the service. 3. (3) In the event of non-compliance with the proviso referred to in paragraph 1, the Contracting Authority shall be entitled to consider the contract to be improperly performed, which may provide grounds for termination of the contract due to the fault of the Contractor.

Opportunity closing date
23 September 2021
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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