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Opportunity closing date
16 May 2019
Opportunity publication date
05 April 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed
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The requirement is to transfer the segmented Active Directory multi-domain structure of the Saarland state administration with its encapsulated administrative areas and strict system-related limitations into a consolidated domain structure while maintaining the organisational separation of data and services of the individual departments. In addition, the conceptual work to be carried out in the run-up to this migration and the assumption of project management for the implementation of this major project are also demanded. This decentralized, distributed administration is accompanied by a number of special features (e.g. lack of standardization and conventions, unclear responsibilities, no implementation of overall structure-wide concepts and technologies, security-relevant aspects and the like). The aim is to resolve the individual subdomains and to convert them into a consolidated domain structure. First, a suitable structure or migration variant must be determined (Intra-Forest or Inter-Forest, migration into a purely flat AD single domain structure or into a multi-level AD concept), conceptualized and then defined in individual migration steps. In the run-up to this, the concrete actual conditions are to be surveyed in the individual departments, conceived in individual migrations and ultimately carried out. Central to this is the development of a comprehensive multi-level role and delegation concept, so that the administration of services and data can remain in the departments, but domain administrator rights are transferred to a central location. In addition, the development of an operational concept of the new overall structure (among other things: BackUp and disaster recovery, conception of the Active Directory infrastructure with locations, monitoring of the directory service, ensuring BSI conformity, naming conventions and nomenclatures) central component of the requirements. Furthermore, the content consolidation of the Active Directory integrated DNS as well as the migration of the nationwide Exchange network must be included. Further company-wide services such as HyperV, WTS, WSUS, SCCM or MS Sharepoint are to be set up in the new structure or migrated there. The project aims at the technical simplification of the Active Directory infrastructure in order to achieve the greatest possible dynamics and flexibility with regard to modern IT requirements without abandoning official administrative boundaries. It is also intended to increase the security of the nationwide Active Directory Services as a central IT infrastructure, reduce the effort and costs for operation, simplify the implementation of requirements and standardise and thus create a basis for subsequent systems (uniformly centralised directory service, centralised and automated user management, centrally managed backup and recovery concept, centralised role and operational concepts), resolve obsolete structures and reduce complexity. The contract to be awarded consists of the following parts:1) Preparation of a concept for a single domain structure or a comparably consolidated structure;2) Structure of the new structure;3) Migration of the Active Directory domains to the new structure.

Opportunity closing date
16 May 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Land Saarland, vertreten durch das Ministerium für Finanzen und Europa, dieses wiederum vertreten durch das Landesamt für Zentrale Dienst Am Halberg 4 Saarbrücken 66121 Germany

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