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Opportunity closing date
13 July 2019
Opportunity publication date
17 June 2019
30237000: Parts, accessories and supplies for computers
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to be confirmed
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The Bavarian. Landeskriminalamt (BLKA) intends to conclude a framework agreement with a term of 4 years for the application-neutral, structured cabling of 2 data centers of Bayer. The subject of the order is the delivery of copper/fibre optic cables and their laying in 2 data centres of the BLKA. The minimum purchase quantity is the delivery of copper/fibre optic cables and their laying in 2 data centres. Optional services include further cabling services, consisting of the supply of further copper/fibre optic cables and their laying in the data centres as centres are subject to special consideration due to their high availability requirements in all technical addition to basic infrastructures, structural protection, energy supply, refrigeration and air conditioning technology, fire protection, fire prevention and/or extinguishing, access control, etc. the communication network CU/LWL (hereinafter referred to as KNW) is the foundation for networking the server and network systems. Availability, security and functionality, both in the IT and in the network environment, require stable information technology cabling tailored to the requirements of the respective user. The communication network CU/LWL, as the connecting element between the active systems, must be constructed in such a way that the necessary transmission media, the port capacities, the interfaces are made available in very good quality in order to manage the system operation effectively and efficiently. the communication cabling (KNW) is constructed as application-neutral, structured cabling according to EN 50173-1 and -5, as well as EN50600-2-4. The Bavarian State Criminal Police Office (BLKA) intends to renew or expand the KNW infrastructure for two existing computer centres at the locations in the greater Munich area. At both locations, application-neutral structured communication cabling using copper (CU) and fibre optic technology (FO) is being set up in accordance with the current state of standardisation and technology. The KNW infrastructure is installed while the system is in operation, so all installation work must be carried out with the utmost care. In order not to endanger computer center operation, precautionary measures such as covers, barriers, etc. must be taken by the contractor during installation. The personnel deployed must be familiar with working in the data centre environment and be aware of the possible risks. In the first data centre, almost the entire KNW infrastructure will be renewed. The cabling must be laid in existing routes and installed in new existing cabinets. In addition, the power strips (PDU) required for the computer center infrastructure must be supplied and installed. As already mentioned, the KNW infrastructure will be renewed during operation, which means that the cabling will be installed in series. Between the individual execution steps, conversion measures must be carried out by the BLKA staff. Only after the completion of these, the execution of a further work step is possible. In the second computer center the existing KWN infrastructure is extended. Starting from the main distribution frame, the existing server racks and 3 new server series will be expanded with KNW infrastructure. As in the RZ1, the cables are laid on cable trays provided by the customer above the racks. The extension of the cabling in the PM2 also takes place during operation, which also results in the cabling being carried out in partial steps.General:The following design features generally apply:- central bundle cables and splice technology must be used in fibre-optic technology,- a modular system must be used as connection technology that can be used for both fibre-optic and CU,- individual cables and module connection technology must be used in the CU area,- pre-assembled trunks or cables are not permitted, all cables are to be installed on site without excess lengths.Quality requirements: The BLKA attaches great importance to clean, professional and technically flawless execution and processing. The quality requirements and technical specifications listed in the specifications must be adhered to and implemented. Due to the increased demands on the availability of the communication systems, increased demands are placed on the materials to be used, the installer and his execution.

Opportunity closing date
13 July 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Bayer. Landeskriminalamt Maillingerstr. 15 M√ľnchen 80636 Germany

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