France - Non-chemical medical consumables for single use and hematological consumables

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Opportunity closing date
12 July 2019
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14 June 2019
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- lot 1 - central venous catheter with peripheral insertion type Picc-Line. All dimensions and all installation techniques (ECG control or ultrasound, modified Seldinger technique),- batch 2 - Swan-Ganz catheter, all sizes, alternative accessories (stimulation probes...), with precision on the conditions under which the connection cables are made available. Monitor compatible, - set 3 - extension with 3-way valve Diameter 2.5 mm Length 1 m approximately, High pressure resistance. - lot 4 - double ureteral stake set with insertion kit,- lot 5 - Nelaton type bladder probe with pre-connected collection bag,- lot 6 - Foley probe with Tiemann tip crutch,- lot 7 - ureteral probe without balloon,- lot 8 - single use biopsy gun,- lot 9 - Seldinger right metal guide,- lot 10 - interventional ureteral catheter on Seldinger guide and accessories,- lot 11 - ureteral dilator in PUR all hinges,- lot 12 - biopsy guide for Philips C8-4v catheter,- lot 13 - silicone straight balloon suspubic catheter and suspubic catheter replacement set,- lot 14 - endocyte for swab,- lot 15 - brush for swabbing the endocer. - lot 16 - wall repair implant for non-resorbable inguinal hernia, Lichtenstein technique, lightweight polypropylene,- lot 17 - wall repair implant for non-resorbable inguinal hernia, laparoscopic approach, anatomical polypropylene prosthesis,- lot 18 - wall repair implant for umbilical hernia, double-sided plate for intraperitoneal approach,- lot 19 - wall repair implant for umbilical hernia and vents, double-sided for intraperitoneal approach, laparoscopic approach,- lot 20 - wall repair implant for hernias and non-absorbable vents, extraperitoneal approach, light polypropylene,- lot 21 - wall repair implant type PLUG, lightweight polypropylene,- lot 22 - wall repair implant / resorbable reinforcement,- lot 23 - semi resorbable wall reinforcement implant, all dimensions,- lot 24 - collagen wall reinforcement implant, with or without antibiotic,- lot 25 - soft silicone intragastric balloon, implantable for 12 months, compatible MRI,- lot 26 - jejunostomy probe, surgical approach, secure connection,- lot 27 - rectal cannula radio examination with silicone balloon insuflation 3 ways adult/child,- lot 28 - non-sterile adult anuscope,- lot 29 - ink for sterile endoscopic tattooing,- lot 30 - gripper for foreign body extraction. - lot 31 - support for holding an endotracheal tube with integrated mouthpiece,- lot 32 - endotracheal nasal intubation tube, flexible PVC with balloon, not preformed, with Murphy's eye,- lot 33 - nebulizer and adult and pediatric articulated mask,- lot 34 - clean bent respiratory filter for adult patient,- lot 35 - mask for NIV, all sizes and configurations. - lot 36 - titanium clip applicator for laparoscopy,- lot 37 - Yankauer cannula,- lot 38 - sterile single-use laparoscopy scissors,- lot 39 - blade free trocar. - lot 40 - hydrophilic cotton in rolls,- lot 41 - set composed of all the elements necessary to carry out the 3 steps of skin preparation of the operated with foam brushes,- lot 42 - sterile gauze compress ORX 60×60 cm sachet of 5 units. - lot 43 - sterile brightness amplifier cover, complete kit for Ge9600/9800/880,- lot 44 - brightness amplifier cover, sterile, charlotte shape,- lot 45 - reinforced universal kit,- lot 46 - reinforced end kit,- lot 47 - hip surgery kit, anterior track "Mini-Invasive",- lot 48 - laparoscopic kit mixed track,- lot 49 - sterile windowed absorbent field,- lot 50 - adhesive approach field 150×240 cm,- lot 51 - reinforced U-shaped field 200×300 cm approximately,- lot 52 - surgical instrument pocket, 3 compartments and adhesive strips,- lot 53 - surgical hoods single use. - lot 54 - universal electrosurgical plate compatible with the generators of the Hospital Centre,- lot 55 - ECG diagnostic and monitoring electrodes,- lot 56 - electrodes for external defibrillator,- lot 57 - STERILE double-pointed skin marker, with graduated ruler, permanent and dermographic ink.

Opportunity closing date
12 July 2019
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Centre hospitalier de Valenciennes avenue Désandrouin Valenciennes 59322 France

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