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Opportunity closing date
15 October 2019
Opportunity publication date
14 September 2019
9123000: Natural gas
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to be confirmed
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The subject of the contract is the comprehensive supply - including sales and distribution services - of high-methane natural gas of E symbol in the period from 1.1.2020 to 31.12.2020, with a total projected volume of 21 922 356 kWh to 146 SIWZ. In order to establish the projected gas consumption in kWh, a conversion factor of 11.3 was adopted for the estimated volume of 1 940 050 m3.2. The projected consumption of natural gas indicated above is indicative and may differ from the quantity of gas actually drawn during the term of the contract. A reduction or increase in the volume of gas does not entail any consequences for the ordering parties (gas consumers) except for the necessity to pay for the actually consumed volume of gas and transmission services in accordance with the applicable tariff of the operator.3Quality standardsThe subject matter of the contract is the supply of high-methane natural gas through the distribution network of Polska Spółka Gazownictwa Sp. z o.o., defined in accordance with applicable regulations, quality standards together with the transmission service. The quality parameters of gas fuels are regulated by the provisions of the Energy Law Act, executive acts in particular the Regulation of the Minister of Economy of 2 July 2010 on detailed conditions for the operation of the gas system and the Regulation of the Minister of Energy of 21 September 2018 amending the Regulation on detailed conditions for the operation of the gas system and Polish Standards.4The settlement periods result from the tariff for the provision of distribution services, subject to the provisions of the provisions of the agreement material to the parties (Appendix 4 to the ToR).6 Gas fuel will be delivered to gas off-take points described in detail in Appendix 1 to the ToR.7Details concerning the tariff group, estimated annual gas consumption divided into calendar months, contracted capacity for individual offtake points are described in Appendix No. 1 to the ToR.8 The Contractor, based on the power of attorney granted, will be obliged to: 1) notify the relevant DSO on its own behalf and on behalf of the ordering party (customers) of comprehensive agreements in order to carry out the supplier switching procedure in accordance with the applicable regulations, 2) represent the ordering party (customers) before the DSO in the process of supplier switching.9The Contracting Authority, together with the conclusion of the agreement, will grant the contractor a power of attorney to submit the declaration required by the DSO on complete/partial termination of the existing agreements.10 Currently, gas fuel is supplied by the entities described in Appendix 1 to the ToR - the description is included in the list of points of individual contracting authorities.11In the Attachment No. 1 to the ToR, the column "Change of the supplier" indicates for which the change of the supplier will take place: - for the first time - the currently valid agreements require notice - notice period - 1 month, the notice shall be given by the ordering parties (customers) with effect on 31.12.2019,- Once again, the existing contracts will expire (do not require termination) on the day preceding the planned date of commencement of gas deliveries.12 The prerequisite for starting deliveries on the specified dates is effective expiry of the existing contracts and effective implementation of the supplier switching procedure.13 Statements on the destination of the purchased gas for excise duty purposes will be provided to the contractor when the contracts are signed.

Opportunity closing date
15 October 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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