France - Multi-purpose sports facilities construction work

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Opportunity closing date
24 January 2020
Opportunity publication date
16 December 2019
45212220: Multi-purpose sports facilities construction work
Value of contract
to be confirmed
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Removal of non-structural elements distribution partitions and existing installations. Removal of false ceilings, metal stairs, various facade elements, freight elevators, partitions, metal profiles + canopy, existing interior and exterior bays, exterior and interior doors, electrical installations, sanitary appliances, floor coverings, furniture, existing insulation, wall coverings. Demolition of asbestos-containing elements: demolition of existing floors, demolition of decorative panels on the south façade (with asbestos), pipe joints (with asbestos). Structural demolitions: demolition of BA paving, BA floor slab R+1, roof overflow administrative annex, temporary support of structures. Construction of the infrastructure: foundations, insulated footings, stringers, longlines including demolition of existing paving. Scaffolding and shoring of bay and floor structures, level line for all levels, all structures, reinforced concrete, masonry, BA paving for glued floor coverings, BA superstructure structures, masonry, lintels, collaborating floor, slab floor, seismic joints, masonry structures, breeze block walls, prefabricated concrete walls, wall plasters, borings, fillings, seals, reservations, incorporations, making reservations for other trades. Cleaning and rust protection of the structure, oxidation repair of the existing structure, creation of new openings in the existing facade walls, construction of steel structure for the implementation of openings, connections with existing metal structures, blocking of unsupported openings, moving overhead cranes. Steel structure: metal stairs, support structures for fixing sports equipment and suspended equipment, support for the footbridge. Removal of tile roof tiles universal side tile roofing cleaning and revision of the metal sheet roofing repair of the low gutter joints of existing roofs, revision of the large and small edges of existing roofs, waterproofing renovation of parquet floors, rehabilitation of flashings against walls revision of existing glass roofs. Partial removal of self-protected waterproofing roof on concrete slab T01 Steel sheet roofing, T02 Supply and installation of a metal roofing made of sandwich panels, fixed on the steel structure elements, removal of external EP downpipes and supply and installation of zinc EP downpipes, supply and installation of covers, construction of 75/100th thick galvanised steel sheet gutters, with a powder-coated finish, supply and installation of metal cladding, covering of plate facade. Supply and installation of French-style opening glass frames, supply and installation of joinery units, supply and installation of automatic sliding glass doors, supply and installation of sliding glass frames, supply and installation of curtain walls, supply and installation of electrically operated internal roller blinds for sun protection, supply and installation of external metal cladding. Supply and installation of: double-leaf metal doors EI 30 with 2 leaves, single-leaf insulated metal doors, single-leaf insulated metal doors for external technical cabinets, double-leaf insulated metal doors, double-leaf insulated metal doors, handrail swing gates and metal partitioning railings, metal protective nets, crinoline ladders for light boxes. Construction of: lining of external walls, enclosures, distribution walls type 120/70, type 98/48, impact-resistant walls, vertical ducts, straight non-removable false ceiling, supply and installation of pre-painted aluminium slat ceilings 100 mm high and with a length ranging from 1 000 to 6 000 mm, straight ceilings, acoustic islands in ceilings, supply and installation of insulating panels. Supply and installation of door units, furniture for changing rooms and reception desks, signage. Supply and installation of insulation under screed on the ground floor and R+1, construction of a cement screed, a finishing screed, supply and installation of a floor covering and a porcelain stoneware wall covering. Realization of mechanical shot blasting, supply and installation of a self-levelling patching product, supply and installation of PVC and textile floor coverings. Construction of an indoor athletics track equipped with multi-radius clothoid transitions in way of the curved parts of the track, made of galvanized steel, supply and installation of the 13.5 mm thick athletics track floor covering, the 9 mm thick athletics track floor covering and the hand-ball court floor covering. Painting work on ceilings, interior walls, interior wooden structures, floors. Realization of the metal structure (frames, chassis, cross members, pillars) in cold rolled steel S275, supply and installation of seats with a monobloc seat and backrest with internal grooving in coloured polypropylene in the mass, minimum M2 classification, supply and installation of benches. Supply and installation of basketball goals, competition handball goals, volleyball posts, badminton poles, starting blocks, hurdles, long jump and triple jump receiving bins, receiving mattresses, shot putter tray. Supply and installation of an artificial climbing structure for difficulty and speed at international level. Supply and installation of an artificial bouldering climbing structure at international level. Supply and installation of reception equipment for SAE rope. Supply and installation of reception equipment for SAE block. Supply and installation of drawbars. Supply and installation of sockets and volumes. Supply and installation of an elevator 625 kg, 8 persons, 1 face opening for passenger transport. Creation of a gas network, a boiler room inside the building, supply and installation of double-flow mechanical ventilation for changing rooms and offices, single-flow mechanical ventilation for sanitary facilities, natural ventilation of the sports hall by wind extractors on the roof, creation of networks. The electrical work mainly concerns: earthing, dealer power supply, corrugated network (UPS), low-voltage general switchboard (LVGSB), divisional switchboards (TD), paths, low-voltage general distribution, low-voltage secondary distribution, normal lighting, emergency lighting, switchgear, lighting circuit controls, standby power supplies, Fire Safety System (ISS), Cable operator network, Voice data image network (VDI), telephony, intercom-video communication network, sound system, access control installation, anti-intrusion installation, video surveillance installation, technical building management. Construction of all external networks: EU, EV, EP, gas, electricity, telecom pipelines including manholes (exterior face of the building facade, demolition of unspoilt exterior floors, earthworks for the planned exterior finishing work. Realization of exterior floors, curbs, concrete bench, led under bench luminaire, fences, grassing, planting trees and hedges.

Opportunity closing date
24 January 2020
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Communauté d'agglomération Tarbes Lourdes Pyrénées Zone tertiaire Pyrène Aéro Pôle Téléport 1 — CS 51331 Tarbes Cedex 9 65013 France

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