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Opportunity closing date
18 October 2021
Opportunity publication date
14 September 2021
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Value of contract
to be confirmed
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The subject of the order is: Delivery and commissioning of a new server environment, disk arrays and core switches for the video surveillance system of the City of Kielce, together with the transfer of data from the existing recording system and the update of the VMS system, as well as the modernization of the transmission system in the CM server room and the modernization of the power supply installation. Detailed description of the subject matter of the contract including specification of the devices is included in attachment no. 8 to the SWZ.
1.Delivery and installation of a new server cabinet RACK 19" 42U 600x1000mm in the CM server room, together with the connection of guaranteed power supply from the existing switchgear of guaranteed voltage. The specification of the requirements for the cabinet is contained in section V.1 of the OPZ. 2.Delivery, installation and configuration of 3 servers in 1U 19" RACK enclosures with server-class operating systems compliant with the requirements of the VMS Avigilon Control Center Enterprise v. 7. Requirements specification is contained in item V.2 OPZ. As part of the delivery of servers, the contractor shall run on the virtual instance indicated by the Employer management software in a free basic version, enabling monitoring of newly supplied servers and existing Dell PowerEdge R610 and PowerEdge R710 servers in the LAN. The installed software must be upgradeable to a licensed version that provides advanced management features such as: a)automatic deployment of PowerEdge servers using server tags or node IDs; b)creation of firmware and configuration benchmarks to monitor compatibility and enable automated scheduled updates; c)modular management: capturing and editing enclosure templates using an intuitive user interface; d) optimized server power management. 3.Supply, installation and configuration of a disk array with two disk controllers, together with an additional 1 JBOD shelf, equipped with a total of 48 SAS 14TB hard drives. The specification of the requirements is included in item V.3 (Annex 8 of the OPZ).4.Delivery of a stack of 2 core switches for the new and existing server environment. Compatibility and requirements specification is included in point V.4 (Annex 8 Description of the Object of Order OPZ) and V.4.3 OPZ. 5.Delivery of 197 licenses for upgrading the existing VMS Avigilon Control Center Enterprise from version 6 to version 7 and purchase of 3 new VMS Avigilon Control Center Enterprise licenses. (Specification of requirements is included in V.4.2 of Terms of Reference. 6.Separating and reconfiguring the transmission systems for the monitoring and the Municipal Guard based on the design documentation, including reconfiguring the existing Extreme Networks switch stack. The Contractor shall be required to perform the reconfiguration at times agreed upon by the Client, in a manner that ensures continuity of operation of the video surveillance system and other supported systems. 7.Moving the VMS system to a new server environment, in accordance with the developed project documentation, transfer procedures, and contingency procedures. The Contractor shall be obliged to carry out the migration procedure at times agreed upon with the ordering party, in such a way as to ensure continuity of operation of the video surveillance system. 8.Prepare a back-up environment on the basis of the existing servers within a maximum period of 45 days from the date of migration subject to Chapter VI, section 2 of the SWZ. The scope of organising the back-up environment should also include reinstalling the server operating systems, starting up Avigilon Control server. 9.Preparing as-built documentation in a text form compliant with MS Excel/OpenOffice (.odt files) and in a graphic form compliant with AutoCAD (.dwg files). The scope of the documentation must include at least: a. description of the environment resulting from the reconstruction and extension; b. logical and physical connection diagrams; c. rack layout; d. list of devices, licenses, certificates; e. device configuration snapshots. 10.Delivery, configuration and start-up of a UPS with a capacity of 10000 W in the CM server room. Specification is included in point V.4.1 OPZ, 11.Purchase of industrial switches - specification is included in point V.4.3 OPZ. V.4.3 OPZ,12.Purchase of network switches - the specification is included in item V.4.4 OPZ. V.4.4 OPZ,13.Purchase of network matrix NAS - specification in item V.4.5 OPZ. V.4.5 OPZ,14.Purchase of disk drives for NAS device - pt. V.4.6 OPZ,15.Purchase of network switches - item V.4.7 OPZ.

Opportunity closing date
18 October 2021
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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