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Opportunity closing date
16 August 2021
Opportunity publication date
30 June 2021
48180000: Me
Value of contract
to be confirmed
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See II.2.4)
The General Hospital of Sint-Maria wishes to renew its environment for diagnostic and clinical imaging and to link this to a VNA solution that can serve as image storage for a number of specialisms and modalities within the hospital. The hospital wishes to implement an efficient, scalable and progressive solution, based on international standards.The extent to which the solution offered: a) provides possibilities in the field of enhanced and guided viewing for determining diagnoses; b) can communicate and integrate with the RIS of Nexuzhealth KWS; c) is ready and open for integrated support and control by artificial intelligence (AI); d) has the most innovative tools for support and control in the dynamic generation and layout of a uniform report; e) has the smallest possible footprint and works independently of an OS and browser.The hospital also wishes to migrate its image storage environment to a central image storage for both DICOM and NON-DICOM images of numerous specialisms and departments within the hospital. The aim is to achieve closer and possibly more integrated cooperation with its network partners in the field of image archiving, image exchange and image distribution, as well as in the field of coordinated and shared reporting, using efficient and flexible options.The decisive factor in the assessment is the extent to which the solution offered:a) is flexibly and cost-efficiently scalable and adaptable;b) can communicate and integrate with Nexuzhealth KWS, so that the images and reports can be displayed in the EPR;c) can provide doctors within the Hospital and their direct network partners with smooth and transparent image access (display) and image exchange (export) within the hospital and across hospital boundaries;d) Enables radiologists from the hospital and its direct network partners to work together quickly and transparently in the field of reporting, both for primary diagnosis and report creation, and for secondary diagnosis and validation (second opinion workflow) within the hospital and across hospital boundaries.The offered solution should consist of software and hardware requirements for virtualization, all possible licenses and services that meet the following principles: a) scalable (start small and expand systematically);b) best fit in the existing (ICT) infrastructure and taking into account the ICT guidelines and questionnaire;c) central management of all components;d) guarantee of quality and performance;e) long-term solution with a clear technical roadmap and a predictable financial model.The assignment includes delivery, implementation, maintenance (corrective, preventive and evolutionary), training and support for the people responsible within the hospital.

Opportunity closing date
16 August 2021
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Algemeen Ziekenhuis Sint-Maria vzw Ziekenhuislaan 100 Halle 1500 Belgium

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