Uzbekistan - Medical equipment

This is a business opportunity from an overseas buyer. Pitch for the business and explain how your company meets their requirements.

A state agency is looking for medical equipment.


Opportunity closing date
31 July 2019
Opportunity publication date
11 June 2019
Opportunity type
Public Sector and Aid Funded Business
Healthcare & Medical
Enquiries received
Value of contract
to be confirmed
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The tender has been divided into 12 lots and you can bid for any or all the lots.

You must be able to supply all the items and quantity’s in a lot. Bids will be evaluated, and contracts awarded on a lot-by-lot basis.

Lot 1:
- magnetic resonance system
- multislice computed Tomograph
- angiographic system
- multifunctional ultrasound scanner
- portable multi-functional ultrasound scanner

Lot 2:
- digital and Universal X-ray diagnostic system
- mobile, C-arm and Dental X-ray machines

Lot 3 is for a x-ray therapeutic unit

Lot 4:
- anesthesia machine
- lung ventilation units
- patient monitor
- defibrillator monitor
- Intraoperative neuromonitoring system

Lot 5:
- surgical operating lamp, ceiling mounted
- surgical OT table and ophthalmic table

Lot 6 is for a set of equipment and instruments for:
- laparoscopic operations
- minimally invasive proctological operations and manipulations , urological operations and manipulations, invasive operations on the knee joint and ENT operations and manipulations

Lot 7 is for a set of surgical and traumatological instruments

Lot 8 is for a set of:
- bronchofibroscopy, gastrofibroscopy, colonofibroscopy, duodenofibroscopy and videoendoscopy
- automatic sterilisation machine for flexible endoscopes

Lot 9:
- ophthalmic surgery microscope
- phacoemulsification system
- ophthalmologist workstation
- slit lamp
- ultrasonic A-B Scan
- optical Coherent Tomograph
- laser photo-coagulator
- automated perimeter

Lot 10:
- analyser of blood gases and electrolytes
- automatic and semi-automatic biochemical analysers
- immune enzyme analyser
- blood analyser

Lot 11:
- ENT workstation
- dental unit
- multifunctional beds
- heated changing table
- computer stress system
- Holter ECG monitoring system
- electroencephalograph

Lot 12: emergency power supply system

Opportunity closing date
31 July 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed
The buyer is happy to talk to
manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors

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