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Opportunity closing date
17 January 2022
Opportunity publication date
20 December 2021
Value of contract
to be confirmed
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With the akzente content, the GIZ positions itself as a competent and high-performing implementing organisation with sophisticated content on strategically relevant topics for clients and key opinion leaders. akzente makes the complex topics surrounding the GIZ tangible and vivid and provides authentic, trustworthy and exciting insights into international cooperation. The content is produced to a high standard in terms of format, research and language and has so far appeared in print form up to four times a year and in parallel on the website of the same name. Like other print magazines, akzente has to face a change in the way its target groups use the magazine. Against this background, akzente will be realigned as an exclusively digital premium brand from 2022.akzente's journalistic strengths and quality features have delighted the readers of the print magazine. These features will be translated into multimedia, user-friendly stories about the work of GIZ digital. As before, the selected journalistic formats allow a close-up view of GIZ's work on the ground, explore the effects in lively reportages and put the focus on the people who work at GIZ, e.g. via interviews.As premium content, this content is carefully planned, researched, implemented in multimedia and then prominently presented to the target groups on the corresponding digital corporate channels. akzente relies on clear and straightforward language; technical and corporate jargon are left out.The following goals are to be achieved:- Positioning: Positioning GIZ as an efficient and innovative company, showing its technical and political competence and recommending it as the partner in international cooperation- Credibility and trust: Retain high-profile target groups to GIZ as a company- Digital reach: Reaching new online-savvy users* and using attractive digital akzente content to highlight GIZ's ability to act and deliverThe production of akzente is managed by GIZ's Corporate Communications. The editorial management lies with GIZ and includes topic setting as well as editorial and design approval of all content. The tendered contract covers the management, production and editing of content as well as the design and technical implementation of the publications on the akzente website. The contract initially covers a performance period of 24 months and can optionally be extended twice by the client for 12 months each time.
Communicating the work of the GIZ to the public requires that unusual facts be presented in a comprehensible and understandable way for different media and channels. The GIZ's corporate communications department is supported in these tasks by experienced PR consultants and service providers with the aim of ensuring high-quality and coherent publications in different media and formats. ?The present contract to be awarded to the contractor is embedded in this requirement.The corporate communications department of GIZ is looking for a service provider/agency for the premium content akzente. akzente presents the complex issues surrounding GIZ in a tangible and vivid way and offers authentic, trustworthy and exciting insights into international cooperation. The production of akzente is managed by GIZ's Corporate Communications Department. The editorial management lies with GIZ and includes topic setting as well as the approval of all content. The editorial implementation as well as the content management of the akzente website is coordinated by the contractor.The ?project management?coordinates?the?overall?project.?The contractor's?tasks?include?consultation?with?the?client,?management?and?controlling?of?the?overall?project,?consulting,?final?editing?and?quality?assurance as well as the publication of articles on the website. The contractor is also responsible for content production and editing for akzente. This includes the conception, logistics and editing of multimedia stories (including research trips) and the production and editing of content (without research trips). This includes research, the creation of concepts, commissioning external authors, writing articles for the various akzente formats, editing and approval of the articles, translations as well as agreements with the client and proofreading loops.Furthermore, the contractor is responsible for the art direction of the akzente website in close coordination with the client. He takes over the artistic, (audio-)visual realization and directs all creative production processes (e.g. photo shoots, film shoots, animation, layout, etc.) in close coordination with the client.Photos, videos and audio for the akzente content generally come from the authors or the project managers of GIZ. The contractor guarantees that the image and sound quality of the production is of excellent quality and meets the recognised standard for online communication. Images are an integral part of all formats.?Videos and audio content are also integrated for certain formats (e.g. interviews as video or short audio files that reflect the atmosphere of a ?reportage location?or recorded quotes?from protagonists/GIZ staff). ?The contractor also takes over the social media editing for the akzente content. This includes, among other things, the production and editing of ?varied and ?modern ?social media content for the akzente formats in German and English.?The content is made available to GIZ for publication on the corporate channels.Furthermore, the contractor is responsible for the technical support, content management and further development of the akzente website.The contractor ensures the availability of the live system of more than 99% and fulfils the requirements for hosting and housing the akzente website and advises the client on UX and front-end design. The contractor develops and programs functional updates and new features according to the client's requirements and is responsible for quality assurance. For all the above-mentioned points, the contractor provides a contact structure from 08:00-18:00 on working days.If required, the client can commission the contractor to create special content. This is aimed at selected target groups on an occasion-related basis and pulls together existing contributions. One possible format is a periodically published topic dossier that is distributed to the target groups via a push medium - for example, in the form of an e-mail newsletter.In order to remain future-proof and to offer users a positive experience on the website, it should also be possible to further develop the site iteratively. For this purpose, the AG can request additional services. Another optional service is the migration of the akzente website to the main website of the client after its relaunch. This effort is not expected before 2024.

Opportunity closing date
17 January 2022
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH Dag-Hammarskjöld-Weg 1 - 5 Eschborn 65760 Germany

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