France - Machine tools for glass working

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Opportunity closing date
13 July 2020
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08 June 2020
42641400: Ma
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- acquisition, delivery and commissioning of a complete glass bench system for Photonics Bretagne as part of the CPER Sophie 2019, as well as the adaptation of the premises, the installation of the various networks, the connection, installation and commissioning of the equipment;- breakdown of the batches:-- lot 1: glass bench;- lot 2: special gas connection;- lot 3: electricity;- lot 4: extraction;- lot 5: plumbing/cooling;- lot 6: handling;- lot 7: carpentry.
- supply of a glass bench for working pure and/or doped silica tubes and rods. - This lot will be responsible for the supply of special fluids from the existing network (distribution boards in the "glass bench" room) and for the final connection of the bench. - electrical network installation. - extraction system for the glass bench;- the following extractions:-- extraction of the heat released during the operation of the flare;-- extraction of the gases used towards the scrubber. - cooling of some of the system equipment (infrared camera, H2/O2 flare, etc.). - handling of the glass bench (or the elements constituting it) from the storage place to the room of use. - creation of a room.

Opportunity closing date
13 July 2020
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Photonics Bretagne 4 rue Louis de Broglie Lannion 22300 France

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