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Opportunity closing date
11 November 2019
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14 October 2019
44521100: Locks
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IVAR IKS will replace the lock system on all existing installations, and the same system will also be used in new buildings and installations that are developed. IVAR would therefore like to enter into a framework agreement for procurement of this. IVAR would like to do the work of replacing the locks itself at some of the locations. The replacements must be completed in 2020.There are approx. 670 lock cylinders in the system as well as approx. 120 padlocks (both with a long and short loop, evenly split). Emphasis is put on the fact that the amount can deviate from this estimate, and that future use of the framework agreement will depend on budgets and projects. In addition to the products in the price sheet, a discount matrix can be offered for the additional assortment that can offered in this segment. The installations are spread over a relatively large geographical area in Jæren/North-Jæren and in Ryfylke. IVAR will set a prioritised order, the first installation that must be done will be the treatment facility for water at Langevatn (Gjesdal).It is important that the offered system covers the need for fixed locks, both indoors and on outer doors, as well as offering padlocks in the same system for use in areas exposed to the weather (e.g., on gates).The contracting authority would like a secure lock system where access can be administered in a user friendly way. See annex 1, Requirement Specifications, for a further description of the requirements for the system.The lock system is expected to have a lifetime of at least 30 years.IVAR will, if required, assist with local assistance during the installations.A detailed description of the delivery is in the annex attached to the tender documentation.

Opportunity closing date
11 November 2019
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IVAR IKS Breiflåtveien 16/18 Stavanger 4017 Norway

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