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A leading Japanese ICT company is looking for smart glasses which connect to smart TVs using Android and iOS.


Opportunity closing date
31 March 2018
Opportunity publication date
08 May 2017
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Private Sector
Software & Computer Services, Creative industries, Communications, Electronics & IT Hardware
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to be confirmed
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The Japanese company is looking for UK companies who have smart glasses and applications which can be downloaded to the glasses via the internet.

They wish to become a potential distributor / agent of these products in Japan, and also embed UK companies’ technologies into their own products. Start-ups are also welcome. They have a flexible approach to different collaboration models.

Smart glasses can have Android or iOS operating systems. The functionality would resemble a small smartphone on the glasses. The product should:

- be for indoor use
- include a camera and sound recorder
- be compatible with smart TVs and set top boxes for cable TV via the internet
- be light-weight and have a large battery volume

Other functions would also be welcome.

The typical use would be people watching their smart TV with their smart glasses on and then:

- clicking buttons on the glasses to display an application on one of the lenses to collect information or join games linked to the programmes which they're watching
- obtaining different information from other sources via the internet (eg browsing weather information while watching a drama)

Similar products are Vuzix’s smart glasses and Snap Inc’s Spectacles.

Any applications which are downloadable from smart TVs via the internet to smart glasses are welcome.

They are looking to promote the concept of smart TVs to a wider audience. Therefore they are seeking applications which could link simple TV watching to wider activities such as other entertainment, business, lifestyle, etc.

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The Japanese company is not interested in consultancy businesses who may be able to identify such companies or organisations, only direct interest from the product manufacturers.

Opportunity closing date
31 March 2018
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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