Multi Country - Japan - Permeation measurement tools

This is a business opportunity from an overseas buyer. Pitch for the business and explain how your company meets their requirements.

A multinational company wants to measure the performance and effectiveness of different barrier permeations.


Opportunity closing date
01 October 2017
Opportunity publication date
21 July 2017
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Chemicals, Electronics & IT Hardware, Metals, Minerals & Materials
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Value unknown
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Your solution needs to:

- measure the permeation of oxygen and moisture barriers
- be a proven concept
- provide fast, accurate measurements - ideally more than 10 to the power of minus 5

You will need to provide information on your:

- unique selling points
- experience of working with Japanese or foreign companies

Apply for more information from the Department for International Trade team in Japan.

All applications will be reviewed and you will be notified of the outcome. You can only apply if you are a UK manufacturer or supplier.

Opportunity closing date
01 October 2017
Value of contract
Value unknown

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