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Opportunity closing date
20 May 2019
Opportunity publication date
17 April 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed
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Restaurant:The restaurant should be open to all social groups. An attractive design is important, as we also see the restaurant as the theatre's "calling card" to the outside world. The tenant must provide the entire interior and exterior furnishings of the guest room (tables, chairs, counters, etc.).The lessor does not provide any kitchen furnishings or refrigeration technology. The lessee must provide all of the necessary storage space, a garbage room, an outside elevator, a technical room, 2 changing rooms and toilets for the staff. The lessee must renovate the restaurant's guest room (floor, walls, ceilings). The operation of the restaurant is independent of the theatre season. Canteen: The canteen is at the same time a social room of the theatre and occasionally also a venue for events. It must ensure that employees* are supplied with food and drink. The lessor provides the basic infrastructure (especially ventilation, grease separator), as well as: - combi steamers and dishwasher, - sanitary facilities (1 WC, 1 shower), - storeroom (approx. 12 sqm),- Other rooms (cloakroom etc.),- Anteroom to the kitchen (approx. 14 sqm),- Office (approx. 6 sqm),- 1 parking lot.Spectator catering:The quality of the catering for the spectators is directly related to the theatre and has a direct effect on the satisfaction of the spectators with their visit to the theatre. It can also have an impact on the decision to return to the theatre or not, so the offer (drinks and food) must be tailored to the needs of the audience. During the breaks, it must be ensured that drinks are served within a very short period of time. there is no separate kitchen or storage room for spectator catering. in the case of special events, there is no exclusive right for the tenant for the catering trade, e.g. in the foyers at receptions or at special events on the stages.

Opportunity closing date
20 May 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Theater Bremen GmbH Goetheplatz 1-3 Bremen 28203 Germany

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