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Opportunity closing date
19 June 2019
Opportunity publication date
19 April 2019
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The purpose of the concession is to: a) set up and manage services including cafeterias and public catering, for economic activities that may fall under the 2007 Ateco codes: 56.10.11, 56.10.20, 56.21.00, 56.30.00, 56.29.2, during the uninterrupted minimum and unavoidable hours, except for improvement during the technical offer phase, between 8:30 and 18:30 in summertime and between 8:30 and 17:00 in wintertime, except for exceptions for events established by the Management, with food supply service, guaranteed in particular during the period between 11:00 and 16:00:00 uninterruptedly on all days of the year, including public holidays, except for the days when the museum site is closed (the times indicated may be subject to change in relation to future possibilities of further access to the museum site);b) ancillary services include catering services for events, a second bar point in the area of the New Greenhouses, with a picnic area in front of it, one (or more) mobile kiosks for the supply of ice cream and snacks, to be placed in the areas indicated by the grantor (maintenance of the green area as delivered and related activities, set-up, preparation and connection to the power supply at the expense of the economic operator), as well as the creation of a nursery area (changing table), to be set up at the expense of the economic operator in the bathrooms of the back parterre.

Opportunity closing date
19 June 2019
Value of contract

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Museo Storico e il Parco del Castello di Miramare Viale Miramare s.n.c. Trieste 34151 Italy

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