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09 December 2019
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07 November 2019
42512300: HVAC packages
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Heating and cooling systemsHeat supply systems:2 existing heat generators (gas boilers) are successively taken out of operation and dismantled. To supply the building with heat, a new groundwater heat pump will be installed to cover the base load. In order to cover the peak load, a new gas boiler calorific value two-cascade is installed. First the heat pump is to be installed and then the gas boilers are to be maintained in partial load operation due to the space available and in order to maintain the heat supply. The existing peripheral systems for the heat supply are to be dismantled and replaced by new ones. The heat distribution network will basically remain in place. Only one heating circuit for the supply of heating/cooling ceilings will be newly installed. The heating circuits for supplying the radiators are connected to the new heat supply, as are the heating circuits for the underfloor heating. In the office and meeting rooms on the 1st floor and 2nd floor, all radiators are dismantled. Radiators in KG, EG, adjoining rooms and corridors remain. Only the radiator valves are replaced.As the construction work is carried out during ongoing operation, several conversion work has to be carried out in the KG on the distribution lines.In the event that the renewal of the heat supply is not completed before the start of the heating period in the 1st construction phase, a winter heating system will be provisionally installed.Cooling water supply systems:Due to the construction of a well system for groundwater use, a heat exchanger will be installed in the technical centre for the use of free cooling. This means that the office and meeting rooms on the 1st and 2nd floors are cooled by the heating/cooling ceilings in summer. In addition, a new cooling water circuit will be installed to supply the new air conditioning systems with cooling lines.

Opportunity closing date
09 December 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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