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Opportunity closing date
10 April 2020
Opportunity publication date
11 March 2020
65210000: Gas distribution
Value of contract
to be confirmed
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The shareholders of Gas-Union GmbH are the following companies:- Mainova AG (34,27 %);- RGE Holding GmbH (23,57 %);- Kraftwerke Mainz-Wiesbaden AG (15,91 %);- Städtische Werke AG (9,18 %);- Stadtwerke Göttingen AG (6,12 %);- Stadtwerke Essen AG (4,55 %);- Energie- und Wasserversorgung Mittleres Ruhrgebiet GmbH (4,55 %);- Gas-Union GmbH (1,85 %) (together the 'shareholders').The Shareholders intend to sell all shares in Gas-Union GmbH not held by the Company itself by way of a structured bidding process.The core business of Gas-Union GmbH consists of 4 business areas: i) operation of a regional distribution network (gas) via Gas-Union Transport GmbH, ii) storage of natural gas, iii) trading and sales of natural gas, and iv) participation in companies in the telecommunications sector, among others.Gas-Union GmbH has 85 employees (as of January 2020) and in turn holds the following participations:- Gas-Union Transport GmbH (100%);- Gas-Union Storage GmbH (100%);- Gas-Union (UK) Limited (100%);- WT Engineering GmbH (60%) (dissolved, but not yet terminated as of February 20, 2020);- eserv Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH (50%);- eserv GmbH & Co. KG (50 %);- Trianel Gasspeicher Epe GmbH & Co. KG (10 %);- KGE Kommunale Gasspeicher Gesellschaft Epe mbH & Co. KG (25 %);- KGBE Kommunale Gasspeicher Beteiligungsgesellschaft Epe mbH (25 %);- Tender365 GmbH (16.66 %);- GasLine Telekommunikationsnetz Geschäftsführungsgesellschaft deutscher Gasversorgungsunternehmen mbH (5.85 %);- GasLine Telekommunikationsnetzgesellschaft deutscher Gasversorgungsunternehmen mbH & Co. KG (5.85 %).

Opportunity closing date
10 April 2020
Value of contract
to be confirmed

About the buyer

Mainova AG Solmerstrasse 38 Frankfurt am Main 60486 Germany

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