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Opportunity closing date
09 July 2020
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11 June 2020
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The customer currently supplies its customers with so-called "L-gas" from German and Dutch production. Due to declining production volumes, the upstream network operator is planning to convert the networks from L-gas to higher calorific H-gas in order to ensure long-term supply security. This tendering procedure covers approx. 39,000 metering points. Based on a device factor of 1.3, this would result in a number of approx. 50,000 gas appliances (GVG). The area of the GEW Wilhelmshaven GmbH was divided into 5 switching districts, whose expected changeover dates ("switching dates") are currently spread over the months between April and November 2026. The actual number of gas appliances must be collected and adjusted when the order is carried out.
The service relates to the provision of survey and adjustment services in the network area of GEW Wilhelmshaven GmbH in the period 2024 to 2026, including material disposition and logistics. Within the scope of the survey, the contractor shall provide the necessary preliminary services for the subsequent adjustment of GVG. The services to be provided by the subsequent contractor include the identification and documentation (electronic/written) of all GVG present behind the gas house connections, the inspection of each GVG for defects, including the gas and flue gas connection, as well as its photographic documentation, if applicable, the flue gas analysis, the adjustment in the event of overload or underload as well as the marking of the GVG, including a sticker with a printed flue gas measurement protocol. Likewise, the ordering and logistics of the material required for the adjustment must be taken over. The site managers employed by the company owe the complete checking of all survey and adjustment services in the corresponding software for plausibility. The subsequent contractor must coordinate the performance of the services with the other project participants (in particular with the project manager, the other survey and adjustment companies and the quality assurance company). The precise performance requirements will be set out in the tender documents made available to the bidders admitted to the negotiated procedure. The basis for the performance of the services of the survey and adjustment company will be the requirements of DVGW Codes of Practice G 680, Conversion and adjustment of gas appliances, G 676 B1- Qualification criteria for conversion, adjustment, control companies and project management (engineering companies), G 106 - Qualification requirements for specialists for gas appliance conversion in the context of a change in gas composition; training plan and G 695 - Quality control of conversion and adjustment measures for gas appliances, in each case together with their normative references.The client expressly wishes the participation of several companies in the implementation of the survey and adjustment services. Therefore, bidders are allowed to bid also for partial quantities, which are defined below:Bidders may submit a bid for a partial quantity lot of at least 1,000 GVG and at most 25,000 GVG. In between, partial quantities may be offered in increments of 1 000 (e.g. 2 000, 3 000, 4 000 GVG, etc.). The maximum size of the quantity lot offered must be explicitly stated in the bidder³s offer. For reasons of comparability, the price of 1 000 GVG each will be used as the basis for the subsequent evaluation of the bids. The details of the evaluation of the bids and the selection of the contractors are reserved in the tender documents, and the limitation of the maximum number of equipment to be handled to 25 000 GVG is intended to allow the greatest possible competition and to ensure the timely implementation of the overall project. In particular, several companies should be given the opportunity to acquire references so that a sufficient number of qualified bidders will be available for future L-/H-gas adaptation projects. It should be noted that, according to the case law of the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court, bids that are submitted in violation of the principle of secret competition under public procurement law must be excluded on a mandatory basis (see Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court; decision of 4 February 2013, VII Verg 31/12).

Opportunity closing date
09 July 2020
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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GEW Wilhelmshaven GmbH Nahestr. 6 Wilhelmshaven 26382 Germany

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