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Opportunity closing date
18 October 2021
Opportunity publication date
15 September 2021
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Value of contract
to be confirmed
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The subject of the contract is the delivery of brand new FNPT II MCC training device used to simulate aircraft flight in SEP, MEP, MET modules for the needs of PWSZ in Chełm.2.
Subject of the order: Delivery of brand new FNPT II MCC class training device used for aircraft flight simulation in SEP, MEP, MET modules, in the scope of training for: PPL(A); CPL(A); IR/SE; IR/ME; MCC/JOC/ APS MCC; Execution of PBN approaches. The unit is to comply with the requirements of EASA Regulation CS-FSTD(A) FNPT II requirements specified in the national regulations for the issue of the FSTD qualification certificate. Technical specification of the room provided for the installation of the flight simulation device: Dimensions of the room: Length: 10.10 m; Height: 3.30 m; Width: 5.15 m. Age and airframe limitations of the flight simulation device: year of component manufacture - 2020 or later; condition of components - brand new; minimum service life of the device - not less than 10 years and/or 15,000 operating hours; working time recording - total working time recording with the possibility of selecting and recording the type of work as training and service time. Layout and Design:Modular cabin configuration (enclosed acceptable) with full reproduction of SEP(L), MEP(L), Jet MCC/JOC/ APS MCC class aircraft cockpit. Flight Model: Reflection of pilot characteristics (stability, controllability, stall) and aircraft performance in SEP(L), MEP(L), Jet MCC/JOC/ APS MCC. Imaging: Image visualization system consisting of: minimum three projectors with resolution not less than 1920 x 1080 m (Full HD), a cylindrical screen providing an image range of at least 200 degrees horizontally and 40 degrees vertically - viewing angle; image color depth: minimum 24 bits. Terrain model: based on satellite data with texture resolution of 15 meters/pixel or higher; airport model: EPWA, EPCD, based on satellite data with texture resolution of 0.8 meters/pixel or higher; visualization database is to include real environment of all airports controlled in FIR Warszawa, including: runways; taxiways; aprons; approach lights; linear, surface and point objects of the terrain (i.e. high voltage lines, buildings, roads, railways, rivers, forests). Instructor station: equipped with: two touch screen monitors; A4 colour printer); desk (high abrasion resistance); aircraft headphones; swivel chair to simulate in-flight icing conditions; turbulence; windshear; downdrafts; emergency and non-standard situations as specified in the Aeromodel Aircraft Manual (AFM); change of time of day; change of meteorological conditions including: runway longitudinal visibility (RVR); haze/fog; cloud cover - minimum two layers of clouds; o rainfall, snowfall.Cockpit: A replica of the following cabin components as found in SEP(L), MEP(L), Jet MCC/JOC/ APS MCC module aircraft: volatiles, engine/engine/propeller control levers, levers, foot controls, knobs, switches, fuses, instrument panels, two crew seats (seats), instrument panel illumination, cabin lighting, headphones to allow communication between crew and instructor. Configuration conversion: The time for changing (converting) cockpits shall not exceed 30 minutes (time counted from the time the flight simulation device is turned off, until it is ready for operation, i.e. ready for practical classes). Air conditioning system: A system that provides regulation of the temperature and humidity of the air supplied to the flight deck (cockpit). Due to limited possibilities of text entry, a detailed description of the subject matter of the contract is included in Annex 2 to the Terms of Reference.

Opportunity closing date
18 October 2021
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodwa w Chełmie ul. Pocztowa 54 Chełm 22-100 Poland

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