Germany - Fire protection renovation "Huus aft Diek" in the north -electrical works-

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04 December 2019
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07 November 2019
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Period of execution 16.12.2019-30.04.2020
The Huus aft Diek is used year-round without interruption as a preventive clinic for mothers with children. The company premises include a two-storey main building, a one-storey children's house and two outbuildings, a liquid gas tank and an electric transformer. The whole object consists of several rectangular building parts, which are spatially built together.
Between 1968 and 1991, the main building of the spa clinic was constructed in six different phases. The main building has two full storeys with the exception of a few sections. On the ground floor there is a mixed use of administration, accessories and accommodation rooms. The upper floor is mainly occupied by apartments. The outer walls of the main building consist of a 2-skinned brickwork (sand-lime brickwork and facing shell) while the inner walls were predominantly made of sand-lime brick. While the two-storey building parts were equipped with an oblique-angled saddle roof, the one-storey building parts are designed as a flat roof, which is used as a balcony at one point.
Fire protection defects were discovered during the fire protection assessment. All doors in the corridors must be adapted to the fire protection requirements of the applicable regulations. All ceilings in the traffic areas will be renewed with new fire protection ceilings. The classifications of the ceilings are determined by the fire protection concept drawn up by Ingenieurb├╝ro Gerdes. The lightweight construction walls on the first floor in the area of the wooden ceiling must be renewed in accordance with the fire protection specifications. The partitioning of the fire compartments requires structural closures. This requires the closure of skylight domes in the flat roofs and enlargements of RWA openings, as well as the bricking-up of openings. On the ground floor and 1st floor a new exit has to be created as a new escape route.
An ancillary building for the storage of rides is located at the prescribed distance from the electric transformer and gas tank without fire protection requirements. Due to the condition of the building, this area must be renewed in modular construction. In the children's house, the sound insulation panels on the ceilings must be replaced with non-combustible material.
All building materials comply with the legal fire protection requirements.

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Opportunity closing date
04 December 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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