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Opportunity closing date
10 April 2020
Opportunity publication date
28 February 2020
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Delivery in the form of operating leasing 1 of an agricultural tractor1. The Principal (User) is obliged to purchase from the Contractor (Financing Party), and the Contractor (Financing Party) is obliged to sell to the Principal (User) the ownership title to the leased item after the end of the leasing period according to the rules specified in the agreement. The Contractor (Financing Party) is obliged to transfer the ownership of the leased item within one month from the date of expiry of the lease agreement, only on condition that the Ordering Party has paid all amounts due under the lease agreement.2 The leased item remains the property of the Contractor for the duration of the agreement.3Lease installments will be paid monthly for the period of 59 months in the same amount. The amount of payments will remain unchanged for the entire duration of the agreement (fixed interest).4. Purchase related to the purchase of the object of lease in the amount of 1% of the net value of the object of order will be paid together with the last lease installment.5. Maintenance and repairs will be carried out to the extent that it allows to keep the vehicle in an undamaged condition, taking into account its depreciation.7. VAT resulting from the applicable tax regulations will be applied to all charges.8.1,- the tractor is to have an engine manufactured by the manufacturer of that tractor, - a rated power of at least 250 hp determined in accordance with standard 97/68/EC or ECE R 120, additional power of at least 25 hp to be activated under critical operating conditions, - a 6-cylinder engine with a maximum capacity of 7.5 litres, - mechanical transmission - minimum 20 forward and minimum 6 reverse gears, - gear shifting is made without the use of a clutch, - a hydraulic pump with a minimum capacity of 200 l/minute. Pressurized piston pump with pressure compensation, - pressure-free oil return - free flow, ¾ inch seat, 12 V alternator, minimum 200 A, - independent PTO with 2 speeds 540 / 1 000, - fuel type - diesel, - liquid engine cooling, - 4-wheel drive, - front axle suspension, - differential with slip stop, - 600/70 R 30 front wheel tyres, Rooster), 6 forward facing lights and 6 rearward facing LED lights, additional lighting on the rear fenders, windscreen and rear windscreen washer wipers, passenger seat, air operator's seat integrated in the display monitor, - front torsional mudguards, - air brake system, - rear 3-point suspension system of category 3/3 N, - top link for automatic transport with height adjustment,- Piton - Fix hitch and K-80 ball hitch, - lower hitch, - adjustable front and rear track width, - category 3 front linkage with a lifting capacity of at least 3,900 kg controlled by a separate electro-hydraulic valve, - rear linkage with a lifting capacity of at least 9,000 kg, - front weight of at least 1,200 kg, - rear wheel weights of at least 500 kg per 1 wheel...

Opportunity closing date
10 April 2020
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Instytut Zootechniki, Państwowy Instytut Badawczy, 31-047 Kraków, ul. Sarego 2, Zakład Doświadczalny Pawłowice ul. Mielżyńskich 14 Pawłowice 64-122 Poland

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