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08 December 2022
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28 October 2022
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The object of the company of the Client, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Federal Republic of Germany, is currently, among other things, the operation of a system for the collection and control of the truck toll in Germany, the provision of technical and consulting services in connection with the control services of the Federal Office for Goods Transport and the provision of services in connection with the European Electronic Toll Service (EEMD).It is intended to expand the existing control system in the German truck toll system operated by the Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG) - called the Federal Office for Logistics and Mobility (BALM) from January 2023 - to include a portable control system (KonPk), particularly in conjunction with the control vehicles, this is intended to ensure additional scope for managing the control volume of the toll control service. This expansion is part of the contracting authority's remit.
The tendered innovation partnership (IP) comprises the new and further development of a portable control system (KonPk), the integration into the existing control systems, the establishment of the processes for operation and maintenance as well as the planning and implementation of training courses for the client's and BALM's employees. At present, a number of approx. 40 KonPk plus replacement devices and parts can be assumed, which will be used for the client. The KonPk is designed to achieve the following goals:-Maintaining a nationwide continuing low non-payment and false payment rate-Additional control option for the control volume of the toll control service-Toll controls are to become less predictable than permanently installed control equipment but more efficient than purely mobile control by means of a system that can be used flexibly but is fixed in terms of its structure-Improving the coverage of toll controls in regions with limited diversion options, such as urban centers and federal highways-Improve the evidence of the control cases of the toll control service through extended evidence (images)The process description for the control with the KonPk to be developed is as follows:1. The KonPk is set up and switched on by the inspector at the desired location. The KonPk is aligned with the lane to be controlled and the desired control is activated, as well as the proper functioning is ensured.2. control startThe controller positions himself with KonMa (control vehicle) at a suitable location and creates conditions for receiving the KonPk data in KonMa.3Data acquisitionKonPk independently detects vehicles and acquires data by means of sensors (e.g. images, DSRC).4. Pre-assessment and online queriesOn the basis of the acquired data, the system carries out a pre-assessment (potentially liable for toll, suspected violation of obligations to cooperate, etc.). For this purpose, additional information on the vehicle is also queried in central systems.5. Examination and processing of suspicious case by inspector in KonMaSuspicious case of KonPk is displayed in KonMa GUI and examined by inspector. Serves as a basis for possible further prosecution or punishment or abbreviated inspection report.6. Optional: Transfer suspicious case to other KonMaThe inspector can forward suspicious case to other KonMa for downstream processing or as information for rejecting the vehicle.7.Optional: Divert vehicle (self or other KonMa)Controller can divert affected vehicle to parking lot to check with KonMa and perform sanctioning.In the research and development phase of IP, a prototype is to be developed, with initial concentration on hardware. The KonPk must not exceed a total weight of 60 kg (including all components required for transport, assembly and securing, as well as the power supply; for more details, see the Key Performance Indicators). The packing size of the KonPk must be physically small enough to be stowed in a control vehicle, if necessary with appropriate transport containers for transport securing. There are a maximum of three possible spaces in the KonMa in which the KonPk equipment can be stowed, with the following dimensions (HxWxD): two max. 25x50x50 cm, one max. 15x15x100 cm. Furthermore, the KonPk must be able to be deployed flexibly and quickly outdoors either to the side of the roadway edge or above the roadway of bridges. In particular, the prototype must be able to record or generate data on passing vehicles; this includes license plate reading and image capture as well as DSRC data readout.In the subsequent performance phase of the IP, the type and scope of the series product will be agreed bilaterally with the innovation partner(s).

Opportunity closing date
08 December 2022
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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