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Opportunity closing date
07 December 2022
Opportunity publication date
09 November 2022
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to be confirmed
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The subject of this order is the supply of electricity to facilities owned by Podhalański Przedsiębiorstwo Komunalne Sp. z o.o. in New Targ.
(1) The execution of the subject matter of the order must be carried out in compliance with the applicable regulations, in particular the Act of 10 April 1997 Energy Law (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2022, item 1385) along with implementing regulations.2. The scope of the order includes the purchase of electricity with a quantity of approximately 3,618,000 kWh over a period of 12 months, i.e. from 01.03.2023 to 29.02.2024 for facilities owned by Podhalański Przedsiębiorstwo Komunalne Sp. z o.o. in Nowy Targ. The estimated total amount of electricity that will be delivered over a period of 12 months to individual facilities is presented in Appendix No. 1A to these Terms of Reference.3. The estimated amount of energy is used only for calculation purposes and does not constitute an obligation to purchase energy. The actual amount of energy purchased during the execution of the contract will result solely from the current needs of the Ordering Party and will be settled at an equal price, as specified in the Seller's offer. The Ordering Party reserves the right to purchase more or less energy than the forecast amount and the above change will not be the basis for any claims by the Seller. (4) The Procuring Entity requires a security deposit in the amount of PLN 20,000.00.5 Quality standards1) The subject of the contract is the supply of electricity with the quality standards specified, in accordance with applicable regulations.2) The quality standards of electricity are described in Pe and the Ordinance of the Minister of Economy of May 4, 2007 on detailed conditions for the operation of the electric power system (as amended) and the Ordinance of the Minister of Energy of March 6, 2019, as amended, on detailed rules for shaping and calculating tariffs and settlements in electricity trade.6. In the event that during the term of the contract there are changes requiring the conclusion of a new distribution agreement, the ordering party may grant the appropriate Power of Attorney to the contractor or conclude the agreement individually7. The Contractor, based on the Power of Attorney granted, will be obliged to notify, on behalf of itself and the Ordering Party, the agreements to the competent DSO in accordance with the applicable regulations, and to represent the Ordering Party before the DSO - the process of seller change.

Opportunity closing date
07 December 2022
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Podhalańskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunalne spółka z o. o. al. Tysiąclecia 35A Nowy Targ 34-400 Poland

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