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03 December 2019
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29 October 2019
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Liquid polymeric enteral diets for probe, normocaloric (1 kcal/ml), balanced, complete, delactosate (or equivalent) without fibres with osmolarity not exceeding 300 mOsm/l, gluten-free. In packages of 500 ml or more Polymeric enteral diets, liquid per probe, normocaloric (1-1.2 kcal/ml), balanced, complete, lactose (or equivalent) with fibres and osmolarity not exceeding 285 mOsm/l, gluten-free Polymeric enteral diets, liquid per probe, hypercaloric (approximately 1.2 to 1.6 kcal/ml), balanced, delactose (or equivalent) complete, without fibres with osmolarity of less than 400 mOsm/l. Polymeric enteral diets, liquid per probe, high-calorie (about 1.2 kcal/ml), balanced, with fiber and at least 10gr/L of fructooligosaccharides, short chain Enteral diets, polymeric, liquid per probe, high-calorie not less than 1.2 Kcal/ml, high-protein (from 16 to 22 % of Kcal from proteins), complete, fiber-free, gluten-free. Polymeric enteral diet, liquid, per probe, high calorie (about 1.5 Kcal/ml), high protein (at least 8gr/L) with HMB and short chain fructo-oligosaccharides (at least 7gr/L), with lower osmolarity Low glycemic index enteral diet, polymeric, liquid per probe, high calorie (between 1.2 and 1,5 kcal/ml), hyperprotein (from 17 to 22 % of Kcal from proteins), with slow releasing carbohydrates Liquid polymeric enteral diet by os, hypercaloric (about 1,5 Kcal/ml), hyperprotein (at least 9gr/L) with HMB and short chain FOS (at least 7gr/L), complete with vitamins, mineral salts, various flavours. Polymeric enteral diet ready for liquid osmosis, normocaloric (1.0 kcal/ml-1,2 Kcal/ml), balanced and complete hyperprotein, delactose (or equivalent) various flavours. In packs of 200 ml to 500 ml Liquid polymeric enteral diet for os, high calorie (1.5/2.5 kcal/ml), balanced and complete, very low lactose content without fiber. Elementary enteral diet, normocaloric liquid, highly palatable, and nutritionally complete. Various tastes. Packaging not exceeding 300 ml Semi-elemental enteral diet, powdered, normocaloric, palatable, enriched with arginine and glutamine, hypolipidic less than 15 %, without fiber. Dietary oil with medium chain triglycerides. Packs not exceeding 1000 ml Diet for enteral nutrition, per probe, hypercaloric (1.5 Kcal/ml), without lipid fibre over 55 % with MCT, EPA and GLA, carbohydrates less than 28 % specific for patients with ALI Liquid polymeric enteral diet from 1 to 1.3 Kcal/ml complete hyperprotein low osmolarity (< 350 mosm/l) enriched with arginine immunomodulating substances, zinc Semi-elemental enteral diet of 1Kcal/ml balanced and complete with low osmolarity (≤ 470 mosmol/l) rich in MCT, without fibers, for probe for patients with malabsorption polymeric liquid enteral diet, complete, per os, from 1,8 - 2 kcal/ml, specific for nephropathic patients not in dialysis, with reduced protein intake (not exceeding 4,6 g/100 ml) Liquid enteral diet, ready to use for diabetic patients from 0,9 Kcal/ml to 1 Kcal/ml with slow release carbohydrates, fibre and FOS (at least 4gr/L), delactosate (or equivalent) Ready-to-use liquid enteral diet, complete, for diabetic patients, from 1.0 to 1.6 kcal/ml, with slow-release carbohydrates, fibre and FOS, delactosate (or equivalent), palatable taste for osmosis. Complete liquid enteral diet, hypercaloric (at least 1,2Kcal/ml approximately) hyperproteic, hypolipidic with at least 4gr/Lt of EPA and DHA, prebiotic fibers, for cancer patients, for os Mixture with three amino acids glutamine HMB and arginas powder without fiber specific for patients with bedsores, palatable Jelly-based drink indicated for the hydration of patients with swallowing problems Thickening powder for food and/or drinks for the hydration of patients with swallowing problems.

Opportunity closing date
03 December 2019
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Azienda Ospedaliera «Ospedali Riuniti Villa Sofia - Cervello» Via Strasburgo 233 Palermo 90146 Italy

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