Poland - Diesel fuel (EN 590)

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03 December 2019
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04 November 2019
9134220: Diesel fuel (EN 590)
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The Contracting Authority shall not trade in liquid fuels. The Ordering Party does not own or have any warehouses on Środa Wlkp. For this reason, it intends to purchase fuel at a service station in Środa Wlkp. The Ordering Party requires the possibility of refuelling at least 1 petrol station in the city of Środka Wlkp. open at least between 6:00 and 22:00. Successive purchase of diesel fuel will be made in a non-cash system by means of electronic fleet cards secured with PIN code, which cards together with PIN codes will be delivered in the number of: a) 20 fleet cards - issued to the registration number of the Ordering Party's vehicle; b) 2 universal cards, the so-called 'Diesel oil', issued to the registration number of the Ordering Party's vehicle; c) 2 universal cards, the so-called 'Diesel oil', the so-called 'Diesel oil'. The list of the Ordering Party's vehicles for which fleet cards will be issued will constitute an appendix to the agreement. In the event of changing company cars or increasing or decreasing their number, the Contractor will issue additional cards to the Ordering Party free of charge. The Contractor undertakes to issue and activate additional cards within 10 days from the date of written notification. In the event of loss, theft or destruction of the Ordering Party's card, the Contractor undertakes to cancel such card and issue a new card free of charge and activate it within 5 days of receipt of a written notification. The Contractor shall ensure immediate blocking of the card after the Customer reports the loss, theft or damage to an authorised person by phone.3 The Customer shall pay the Contractor remuneration for the deliveries made by bank transfer to the Contractor's bank account within 30 days (criteria for evaluating the offers - min. 14 days), counting from the date of delivery of the properly prepared invoice to the Customer.4Settlements between the Contracting Authority and the Economic Operator shall be made exclusively in Polish zlotys (PLN), excluding foreign currencies.5 The Contracting Authority shall not impose any requirements related to the performance of the contract referred to in Article 29 paragraph 4 of the Act. Due to the limited possibility of entering the text in the announcement, please read the ToR and its appendix available at www.kombus.pl

Opportunity closing date
03 December 2019
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Kórnickie Przedsiębiorstwo Autobusowe Kombus Sp. z o.o. ul. Kórnicka 1, Czołowo Kórnik 62-035 Poland

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